Wayne Houchin injured in attack

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  1. Wow, did I call that. I don't agree with you and so I'm not "smart" and "hilarious." You started the ad hominem attacks against Hatter and continued it with Christopher and me. The personal attacks are uncalled for and must stop.

    Again, your emotion and clearly held belief about the criminal justice system is preventing you from understanding me. I am agreeing that what was done was intentional (lighting the liquid on fire and dropping it) and constituted an "attack" (technically, under U.S. law what is called a Battery). I am agreeing that Wayne and his crew didn't view it as a stunt.

    Where we differ is that I acknowledge that I don't know enough facts to understand what the host intent was... that is why he did what he did. It could range from negligence, to reckless indifference to a premeditated intent to harm Wayne. Wayne doesn't know and JB's earlier post says he doesn't know and neither Hatter, Christopher or I know. But I'm sure you know - otherwise you wouldn't be so convinced of your decision. So could you please tell me? Why did he do it?

    Oh, and before you say it doesn't matter, it does (at least in the U.S. legal system for both criminal and civil proceedings). You've acknowledged as much in saying that the same act (i.e. shooting someone) carried out with an intent of self-defense is different then the same act carried out with a premeditated intent. Further, it matters as to what harm he intended to cause... the law treats someone who intends to injure someone very differently than someone who intends to kill someone.

    You don't speak for Wayne or his team and they don't need you to speak for them.

    I suspect you also disagree with what Wayne said... "The hosts intentions will play a role in the severity of his punishment - but that's for a court of law to determine & decide." Because that is all Hatter, Christopher and I are saying.

    I am. I don't practice criminal law or have any knowledge of the Dominican Republic's legal system but at least I understand that you can't convict and sentence someone without hearing all of the facts.

    With that in mind, I'm finished. I've said my piece. I'm not going to convince Baller, but hopefully I've caused others to withhold judgment until we know all the facts. I suspect that Baller will come back with more personal attacks and more examples involving the people who disagree with him or their families, because winning the argument and being convinced he is "right" is more important to him than expanding his perspectives. I'm not going to respond. He is welcome to enjoy the certainty of his beliefs.

    As to Wayne and Frania and the Curiosidades team, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
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    To the guys patting themselves on the back by "asking questions" despite clear video evidence, when a guy rapes your wife, films it and uploads it for all to see, I don't want you jumping to conclusions.

    1) Maybe he was trying to show her a hip trusting Brazilian dance move and she accidentally fell down in front of him. I've seen a lot dancing like that in clubs.

    2) Maybe he is getting his gynecology degree and is not very good at it yet.

    3) Maybe his penis was itchy and needed scratching and is just kind of rude. Doesn't make it malicious.

    The point is, lets not make judgements. We know he intended to take his pants and underwear off, but after that, who know what his intentions were?

    Just like the guy who opened fire during the Dark Knight premier, we cannot prove his intentions were to cause harm. He could have just wanted to give everyone a more realistic movie going experience!

    You see guys? Anyone can ask questions. It doesn't take "smart" and logical" guys like yourselves to do it. Lawyers are great, it's why everyone loves you guys!

    Hey, btw, what's all this talk about me offending and "attacking" you? I may have written the harsh words and formed them in a sentence but after I hit enter, my intentions are anyone's guess.

    Don't you dare be judgmental and accuse me of being disrespectful till you get all the facts and ask the right questions. Try not to be so emotional guys.
  3. I honestly feel that this thread should be cut off. First of all, lots of negative energy here when the intention was to bring positive energy to someone who was harmed and injured in their line of work. I am an emotional person and believe the man in the video is guilty of assault, I don't need evidence of intention to prove that. Anyway, the thread was nice and genuinely made me want to research what the heck happened. What happened to Mr. Houchin, is shocking! What is going on in this thread right now is even more shocking.

    It is time to be humble and put away your pseudo law journals and focus on the main point of the thread, to support your fellow man!

    Too many egos,

  4. Alright guys, you think I'm being ridiculous for "jumping to conclusions" and I think you're being ridicuous for making up excuses to justify criminal actions.

    In the spirit of our mutual respect for Wayne, we can all just agree that this idiot needs to be punished to whatever full extent the law will allow.

    If you haven't donated to Paul Harris' fund set up for Wayne, please do so if at all possible. I'm sure Wayne will greatly appreciate it.
  5. I also decided to stop participating in the debate. It's taking this in entirely the wrong direction and besides, everyone has said what they had to say and it's circling.
  6. Alright fellas, I think before it gets any worse than the direction it was heading I'm going to go ahead and close and lock the thread. I allowed everyone to speak their mind.
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