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  1. Welcome back to a great late Wednesday. Seeing as it is such,
    Ah yes, Wednesday game night sure is a time of the week!
    On this edition we will dwell into a book I was too lazy to write!
    The book is simply known as
    This book is as simple as it is ridiculous. Taking a page from the infamous dai Vernon Quote:
    That is why this particular book is a list of methods without tricks from a plethora of well respected magicians. What does that mean? This book stars a lot of professional magicians and a bunch of tutorials, but no tricks. I’ll give you the how you do it. But it’s up to you to determine what you are doing. Take the tutorials with a grain of salt to make your own trick. The reason for this is to inspire out of the box thinking. Working backwards so the method doesn’t mean ANYTHING you build around the thing that typically blocks creativity. Now you must spend all your creativity on the trick. Make sense? Of course not.
    So what’s your job this WNG? To simply come up with the “Hows” and evening reply to some of the “Hows” with your own “Whats”. So if it’s a twofer tonight.
    I realize how stupidity complicated this is but screw it let’s try it.
    Let’s see how this goes,
    As always be creative and HAVE FUN!!
  2. (For reference these are bang snaps: upload_2020-1-22_21-15-8.jpeg )
    Set up:
    Start with 2 bang snaps in thumb palm while you borrow a dollar. And simply load them behind the dollar as you “fold it”.
    Now place the dollar on the ground and you can now start the trick

    (warning bang snaps can be dangerous if mishandled)
  3. Step 1: after removing the untangled headphones from your pocket in your other hand you will have the extremely tangled duplicate head phones palmed in your opposite hand
  4. Clean up: while examining the glass of milk you can easily reach in your back pocket and replace the gimmicked Oreo for a real one easily.
  5. Set up: place the white pop rocks in the salt shaker(preferably not too clear) before starting.
  6. Set up: glue a mento to the inside and top of a Diet Coke lid
  7. Set Up:- Tie a piece of red thread around your thumb and wear a thumb tip over it.
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  8. Set Up:- Slide a cigarette under your watch and also put a pack of cigarettes in your backpocket.
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  9. Set Up:- Install Final Cut Pro in your computer.

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  10. OHHHH THIS IS A GOOD ONE. I call this trick:
    Show the inside of the box With the cigarettes glued to the bottom of the box pretend to pour to cigarettes into a borrowed purse or school backpack . “You see you may believe you have smoking under control, but these little devils are unpredictable” with a snap you ask them to now check the inside of THEIR bag or purse to now see they are GONE! You now notice one has snuck its way into your shoe, behind your watch and while they pull it out it gives you enough time to sneak another out of your pocket and pull one from their ear.
    “See what I mean? These little demons sure can get out of control quicker than you can imagine”
  11. Ah yes a page from the Facebook magician book;)
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  12. I was Sitting at home enjoying a Burger King Whopper, and randomly thought about this reply. THEN INSPIRATION STRUCK!
    This trick uses one of my favorite patters and is called:
    This trick is used in a closeup table setting, perfect for the magic castle. You start by showing your laptop with Final cut pro loaded up. "I want to show you the dark side of magic. TV magic." *You show a video of you throwing a card from one hand to the other and it changes mid air through a simple cut in editing, but quite frankly the video looks REALLY BAD* "as you can see This is how TV magician do magic, through editing" *You open up Final cut Pro and show where the cut takes place and how basic editing works* "As you can see it looks pretty cool, as all TV magic does, however one problem arises..." *take a flap card out of your pocket* "When you meet someone in Real life you will be unable to do what they see on TV, since you are so used to TV Magic, that is why..." *Throw the flap card to the other hand and let it change* ...its a good thing I ain't a TV magician;)"

    Huh, After typing out some of these I'm begging to realize my Presentation style really starts to come out with each "What" I make, in fact I am learning ALOT about myself and presentation style

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