What do you do outside of magic?

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  1. Professionally:
    Web Design, Translation (J->E mostly), Fashion Marketing, International Sales

    Used to teach Martial Arts and competed in both the NBL and NASKA circuits.
    Private English Teacher.

    I play pocket billiards religiously, mostly 9 ball and 10 ball, but have recently started playing snooker as well. I try to compete in tournaments twice or three times a month.
    I enjoy linguistics and studying foreign languages. I am debating between French, German, or Spanish to add to my list (currently English, Japanese, and intermediate level Chinese).
    I am also self-studying and experimenting on my road to becoming a wine sommelier. I enjoy mostly Bordeaux wines (Pomerol is a top favorite at the moment).
  2. At the moment college takes up most of my time, but I really enjoy technical theatre, and doing research in a psych lab on campus. I also enjoy making movie and video game replica props. Mostly things that are technical and intricate devices and gadgets.
  3. I go to trade school for drafting design and plan t go to collage but other then that i mostly do magic.
  4. Cheers, man. Give it a watch sometime! :)

    As for the prod. company - I don't have experience in the area of getting gigs, since the company only works on my own projects (currently a network of a dozen-or-so niche content websites monetized with Adsense.) From there it will be expanding into producing web content - such as series - of my own creation, so I've never been involved in having to get gigs.

    And, as you can tell from the above, it's not just video content that we produce (hence using the term "New Media" production).

  5. I gave you the wrong idea. I market myself as a mentalist separately from my company, Witching Hour Productions. WHP is New Media production, but raising the capital to get our projects going is the hard part. We're all paying off our student loans, working day jobs, and trying to find a way to save up a little extra to put into the first wave of stuff. It's been difficult. I was saddened to find that one of my co-creators is moving to Chicago at the end of May, so I'll have to take over directing duties for the Silence series. We were originally splitting it so that we would each direct the episodes we wrote. I'm trying to see the silver lining in that this fast tracks my skills as a director and allows me to hone my abilities that much faster.

    Right now, I'm working on the web series and the virtual band, my above-mentioned friend is also a screenwriter, we have a guy from the Art Institute who works in animation and game design, and a guy who's working on Photoshop comics with his large collection of action figures and memorabilia. We may also be adding a couple of graphic artists to the roster as well.

    Everything we're doing is on a no-string budget. We're giving away as much content as we can for free now so that people will want to pay us for bigger projects later. And maybe buy a T-shirt or something.

    We're also planning to hit the convention scene in 2014. Every place we go, I'll be doing a different show with a different theme and possibly character (at Comicon I played as Dr. Question Mark, Pittsburgh's most dedicated [and inebriated] psychic superhero). And the booth will be decorated to match. We thought we'd make it kind of a trademark style of ours that we announce where we'll be, but the theme is a secret until you get there.
  6. College, Read a lot, workout, and public speaking on the side (though that's more about giving me an added edge over every other performer out there.)
  7. 你会说汉语吗?

    And wow certainly a lot more martial artists than i expected
  8. My job is web programmer. Not so much in design these days as having fun programming again.

    I've been getting involved with improv a lot, which in turn is pushing me to do more magic. It's all coming together under "performing," and having a larger set of tools to perform with. One theater wants me to perform more magic for them. Performing improv has helped me perform magic with a much stronger delivery.

    I've played drums since the age of 9. These days I'm way out of practice from chasing other passions, but still put my brainpower to work creating electronic music. I bought a nice USB capable mixer last year and paid for half of it by twisting balloons at a kid's show, where I ran lights and sound. I create some of my favorite acts by writing a score first then putting magic to the music. The score gets tweaked, the magic gets tweaked, but my brain works that way.

    I have also run lights & sound (when needed) for a local charity/variety show.

    I've worked in the video game industry as a combination writer/programmer. I sometimes podcast horror fiction and once tried writing a long form fantasy podcast. I have a nice "laptop DJ" set up and sometimes enjoy mixing various hardstyle/happy hardore/jcore sets. I'm slowly learning to sew. I hate the television with profoundly but love playing portable video games while on my exercise bike, or just hanging out with my kids.
  9. I am a very amateur film maker. I used film maker and I usually star in my own short films (haha I need friends). What I also do is I play alto and tenor saxophone which is a lot of fun.
  10. I gotcha. Sounds cool, man - I wish you the best with it. :) And good on you for getting something like this going!

  11. Solving rubiks cube(blindfolded)
    Playing Drums
  12. All these responses are interesting. My other hobby is foreign language learning. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and I am currently learning French. I love using these languages in magic and performing in them!
  13. Kind a interesting... All the guys around here are interested in: rubik's cube, psychology, learning languages, history, acting (at least 2 of them :D ). Same goes for me: I am keen on acting (although I'm now out of the theater due to a conflict with the director), with friend we are writing a screenplay for cinematography contests now.
    I also think of studying psychology in the university. My passion to photography has grown enormously lately. I also like studying History (ancient - new, don't like the newest one that much).
  14. Learn Spanish!!! I really enjoy speaking the language, and Latin culture fascinates me. They have great music, dancing, and other fun traditions that are more greatly appreciated with the ability to speak the language!
  15. I've been doing magic as a part time professional for 11+ years. My secret identity is a youth pastor. I run a weekly program and weekly study for teens.
  16. I've been an elementary school teacher for 13 years.

    Competed in amateur bodybuilding competitions from 2000-2005 and placed in every contest. I still work out a lot but no longer compete.

    Wrestled from the age of 6 all the way through college and then coached the past 13 years either at the h.s. level, middle school, or youth teams.

    Enjoy photography and video editing on my Mac.
  17. In my spare time I gaff projects for theory11 :)
  18. The part of my life that takes up most of my effort is in writing fiction. Next month (if all goes according to plan) I'll be graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. My thesis is a collection of short stories, and I'm currently working on a novel. I guess it goes without saying, that I'm also an avid reader. After the MFA I might go on to get a PHD in English and teach as a college professor but I haven't decided yet. Money is obviously a concern. I currently work at a local publishing company startup as an intern and may get into publishing or editing somehow.

    Other than writing and magic, I love music (who doesn't) and try to go to a lot of concerts, involve myself in my faith as a Catholic, watch some television (mainly Arrested Development, The Office, Parks and Rec, Mad Men and Breaking Bad), go to poetry readings, haunt coffee shops, and I love to travel.

    Also, since a few people have mentioned martial arts, I used to do Aikido for a few years back in high-school, but I haven't kept up with it.
  19. I'm an electric guitarist, as well as a full time student studying psychology.
  20. I run and oversee bar security for 3 Bars in the city by night. During the day I'm a armed security guard. I spend a lot of time training at the range to make sure I make my qualifications.

    Im a huge history buff mostly military history.
    a pool hall junkie. Cut school a lot and spent in Billiard Rooms. I play straight pool and my highest run is 71
    - Use to practice FMA (Escrima, Kali, Panantukan) and some silat. Some Japanese Pressure point (forgot the name)
    - Huge Football junkie (NYG)
    - power lifter
    - Archery (long bow)
    - Video games... Love FF9 and 7

    and a whole bunch more

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