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  1. Galaxy Control 2.0 - Tran Cao Luan
  2. Personally, I think there’s too much movement and your hands seem to simulate the action of drawing a card out of the deck. It looks similar to the mechanics of the classic Erdenase change, which I also find obvious and lacking magicallity.

    Maybe give a purpose to the movement and it will seem more natural?
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  3. A spectator may not know what you did but it will be obvious to them that you did something.
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  4. I agree with Reality one. In the video you were just doing the move. I would think in a trick you would add misdirection while you did that or make an excuse to make that action look normal. From a slight stand point I think it is great.
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  5. Thanks for your suggestions, my video is just a sample. You will see the difference when looking at different angles.

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