What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Zeus375, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. dnd also have a hard back book coming out soon.
  2. I am really really really waiting for Dangerous...seeing as i screwed myself over Lethal.

    I can't wait for andthensome and the Virts Project.
  3. dan and dave will be releasing fourth dvd from the trilogy... tittled "andthensome" said this installment would be diff. we just have to wait....

    Cerca Trova

    -:// Matt //:-
  5. DM's Dangerous !
  6. WOW. I didn't know about new DVD by DnD :) I'm waiting this one and of corse the Virs DVD!!!
  7. its not strictly flourishing, but 'SURFACED' by chad nelson, its sleight of hand still tho :D
  8. Vituoso



    The Code
  9. Chad Nelson's "Surfaced"

    Oz Pearlman's "InterMagical"

    Luke Jermay's "Siezed Thought"
  10. lol Luke Jermay making a flourishing DVD that would be the day. he is a hella HATER on the flourishing/E deck/youn00b scene...
  11. I hope you know this thread is called "What flourishing dvds are you most looking for".
  12. those were all magic vids sorry. im not really looking forward to flourising dvds.
  13. I need to buy this. I don't care what is on this dvd, but I need to buy this.

    I can't believe only one person mentioned the code! That's going to be so damn awesome!
  14. XB 2
  15. DND sounds like an interesting DVD.
  16. What is Dnd?
  17. Sorry to be noob-esque, but what's The Code?
  18. The Virts.....
    Im'possible (bone ho)
  19. What is Oz Pearlman's "InterMagical"?

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