What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Zeus375, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. They are calling it andthensome.
  2. I'm looking forward to andthesome by Dan and Dave and anything by the Virts (if it ever comes out), meh, I'll buy everything :)
  3. Is it really going to be called andthensome? Because that would be hilarious.


  4. Yes. Though, It would be: tricksandflourishesandeverythingelseandthensome :)
  5. I am mostly looking forwards to some more Daniel Madison stuff if any you guys have seen what is on his lethal DVD then you would be exited too. And a Virts DVD?? sounds intresting. GO 2008
  6. Companion DVD Volume 4 by Jerry Cestowski. Contains the Deck Flips, Twirls, and Spins chapter; the Table Flourishes chapter; and Throwing and Juggling chapter. I really look forward to seeing a lot of his aerial work and eventually seeing 4 card juggling and double card pirouette. Jerry always throws a lot of extras into his DVDs. Hopefully he can get this one done faster than his 3rd one. Not to mention there will be his live performing section containing footage from his own personal performances.
  7. The Virts are making a DVD? Awesome, can anyone post a link to it or something?
  8. Not sure there are any links. A lot of the info comes from word of mouth. People passing on rumors and the like. I'm pretty sure that the Virts left a comment on a Youtube video saying that some stuff people wanted to learn would be on an upcoming DVD. Also, on Huron's old site, he said something about a DVD, but that was all.

  9. great...I'm still working on alot of stuff from the trilogy...now I can be sure to lock myself away with tons more great material..cant wait
  10. im looking forward to Dangerous, the trilogy sequil, and Virtuosos DVD
  11. What? The virts will have a DVD? Wha?
  12. Yes, the virt are going to come out with a dvd. I'm really looking forward to Dangerous. I just can't wait...
  13. D&D's Trilogy without a doubt :)

    to me their the best :)
  14. I too am looking forward to the Buck's "andthensome" DVD. And although not flourish-related, I'm also interested in the release of Chad Nelson's "Surfaced" DVD. :)

    I really cannot wait - but unfortunately - it's come to my attention that I will have to!

  15. Haha, Jordan you really make me laugh sometimes :p

    I'm looking forward to Dangerous and DnD's andthensome. :)
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    Releases I'm waiting for,sorry if not related to flourishes:
    2.dnd's playing cards
    3.dnd's book
    9.The Wire
    10.until Wayne rides JB's pony:D
  17. 1st: andthensome
    2nd: Virts DVD
    That's about it really.
  18. motions does exist. i asked devo himself about it and he said he only sold it in a super limited run and that his close personal friends(jerry, cappi, and a few others) recieved a copy. the guy is underground and thats where his greatest secrets will lay hidden. the scattenriech dvd is going to contain some basic concepts of motions but may not reveal a whole lot(just like xb showed the idea of perching but didnt really go into that much detail). for those of you non believers out there heres a link to his site about motions...

  19. That is what I have been hearing, I can't wait till they put up a teaser about it :D.

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