What is a good close-up effect which involves fire?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I am after a magic effect which involves fire, as I need something to spark some attention with a flash :)

    I know a few, but I am hoping people can recommend me some more, so I can try and find one that suits me.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. In A Flash By Jay Sankey, very good, pretty quick depending on your performance.
  3. Just do a card revelation using flash paper... It's a nice, attention-catching way to find a card.

    Good luck,
  4. In a flash by Jay Sankey.
    You probably already know that one since just about anyone who has flash paper knows that effect.

    You should create your own material where flash paper is used, or add flash paper as a twist to 1 of your tricks.

    For example, when I do ring to wallet, I secretly palm flash paper and ask someone for their lit cigarette. I push it into my hand until they see a huge flash of fire and the ring gone.
    So flash paper could be a good way to spice up an old trick.
  5. Where is the best place to get flash paper nowadays? Like the good quality stuff?
  6. I find it pretty cheap at penguinmagic.com and its free shipping for all orders over 20$ :D
  7. Ebay or MJMMagic, I wouldn't buy pads, because they tend to be to small for using with most tricks. I use In A Flash sometimes, awesome trick, but I always open by reaching over the table towards the candle with a deck of cards in gamblers cop position, with an ammount of flash paper protruding from the box. I pretend I'm plucking the box out of the flame, and a huge flash emerges and I produce the box. Killer way to start for people who want visual, flashy(no pun intended), magic withing 2 seconds.
  8. Don't know the name but I think in one of Daniel Garcia's Videos he did a trick where he made a huge coin appear with fire.
  9. Wire grams are awesome.

    Wire grams with flash paper are awesome. They are a great way to start out a card routine to reveal a selected card. Sure they have them at Ellusionist but if you don't want to support them, you can find them on ebay and a few other magic shops.
    I always carry 3 different ones with me so that if I am asked to do a show or routine again and some one is a repeat spectator....it will be a different card. Flash pad paper works o.k. with the wiregrams but it usually takes 4 small sheets to cover the wire enough.
  10. X Marks the Spot by Justin Miller is a really cool effect involving flash paper.

  11. You should take In A Flash and THE PHOENIX EFFECT by Jay Sankey. I use those tricks every day. The Phoenix effect gets unbelievable reactions.
    By the way, Jay Sankey just releast "SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION". My advice is to take it, because there are tons of real magic ;)
  12. Burn by Daniel Madison
  13. In a Flash - Jay Sankey.

    BURN - Daniel Madison. (This PDF is very, very good. It has multiple effects in which you can use.)

  14. Obviously, In a Flash. Also, you could make a few coins appear with flash paper and go into Silver Dream.

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