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  1. Hey guys,

    the other day i saw a performance of a card effect where the cards were split into halves and each half was shuffled by the spectator. Then, each of the halves were split again and 2 of the packets were turned face up. So right now there is 4 packets on the table in a square formation, two of which are face up. Then a face up packet is shuffled with a face down and the same with the other face down and face up packets and then they are all shuffled together. The magician then correctly named the amount of face down cards.
    He then named how many black cards were in that face down packet
    and then how many clubs and spades
    which trick is this??

    sorry for the vague description.. i dont have a video b/c i dont know the name of the trick.


  2. There are a bunch of names and variations of this effect out there but here's the three that I think are most useful:
    Shufflebored by Simon Aronson, Wait Until Dark by Simon Aronson, and Jeopardy by Paul Green. Hope this helps.
  3. Pete is right - there are many effects along these lines, variations on the same concept, so of the resources he named, look at the Aronson effect first in my opinion.
  4. I like the variation of Woody Aragon, 'Bored of Shuffling'. It`s in his new book "A book in English" (best book I´ve read since years and has one of the best essays about the principle behind this trick), along with proper crediting (Aronsons shuffleboard, hence the name of the trick).
  5. It opens up up like a flower with petals. I'm assuming its used in the kitchen. My mother had it with baking pans, etc.

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