What is with Jerry Nuggets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. People always talk about jerry nuggets..... my question is why?? What is so great about them?? Sure they are rare but other than that, what's so special about them? They're not too attractive so I don't see the appeal.

    Anyone want to shed some light?
  2. They are rare...that is it.
  3. there r sapose to be better then wynns for flourishing but i think that there the same and people just like them bc there rare
  4. They stick together really well, like wynns but better. so its good for cuts.
  5. It's not just because they're rare; you could have a one-of-a-kind pile of doo and I don't think it would be very valuable.

    They're pretty much Wynns and then some. They last nearly forever because of their stiffness. They're not thick, per se, but stiff, which is the key. That, and the Bucks used them in both the System and the Trilogy. Dave is blue, and Dan is red (if I recall correctly).

    Hope that helps.

  6. They look nice, they're rare, and Dan and Dave use them so people assume they're awesome. That's all there is to it.
  7. They're not the bees knees,
    they're the whole goddamn bee!!!
  8. Honestly, threads like these make me crazy.
    It's always the same.
    People who own them, say that they're good.
    People who don't own them, say how they're not worth the money and how they would never spend X amount on a deck of cards, in hopes of turning people off to the cards and seeing the prices on ebay drop for them to buy.

    So all in all, threads like these are pointless.
    If you like them, get them. If you don't, then don't buy them, no one's forcing you to.
    Sorry, but I'm sick of always hearing about how people think I'm dumb for buying Jerry's, when I like them.
  9. They are the chuck norris of playing cards.

    They make Hanna Montana look like canadian bacon (and not the good kind).:cool:
  10. QFT

  11. idk cuz there ugly as crap
  12. To be honest, I've had over a brick of Jerry's go through me, they aren't rare at all, just expensive and popular. They feel awesome and last forever, as well as take a while to break in.. but that doesn't make them rare. If they were rare, not many people would have them..

    Most casino decks aren't rare at all.

  13. i am just going to ignore that because you have to be high to say that
  14. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. "I LOVE THESE DECK #(%&@ $ @ZOMG"... "THESE ARE JERRY'S FUGGETS!!"

    If you like them enough, buy them, if not, who cares, they're just cards after all.
  15. When will this Jerrys hype end guys?
  16. lol. well it's true.
  17. If your a 1337 pwner you do not care about the deck.
  18. They're notihng like Wynns.
    I've used em' for a while before.
    Guys that haven't used them, please don't talk like you know, because you'd be the last to know.

    EDIT: and I agree with TheCleaner (Zachary ^^)

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