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  1. Hey all so I've done magic for as long as I can remember but I've recently been getting more and more into cardistry. I can do most basic things like thumb cuts, rev cuts, one handed shuffle,Sybil, a variety of false cuts things of that nature so I'm not a complete beginner. I've had my eye on cardistry high and was wondering if anyone could give me a review on it. I know it's a bunch of isolations but there were some things that caught my attention. How is the teaching in this download. Any other suggestions yiu guys can make would be greatly appreciated. I really like the slower smooth looking cuts that just look beautiful or one handed stuff,thanks again.
  2. I have Cardistry High and i personally think it's really good. There are isolations but there is heaps of other flourishes and cuts. You're getting over 40 moves for $39.95 (its actually still on discount for $5 dollars at http://www.fontainecards.com/cardistry-high/ as I'm writing this) On the download you also get behind the scenes, Hok teaches some dance techniques to use with cardistry which is actually really useful and loads of other content. Teaching is very good and clear. The download is nearly 20GB so make sure you have that amount of space, but for $39.95 it seems expensive but for all the moves your getting, including the popular moves like bloom, floating cards etc, it it definitely worth checking out. I hope this helps.

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