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  1. Hi
    I recently saw this video on YouTube by Rise magic

    and I was wondering if anyone knows what the trick is at 10 seconds into the video and where can I learn it?
    PS: just a side question, whats the effect right in the beginning?
  2. You mean the entire deck colour change?
  3. As @Clee26 said, it's a simple full deck color change. About a million ways to do it, though they used a very specific move. Study some more, I'm sure you'll find the move they use :)

    Unless you mean the Teleporting cards. I've been looking for those since that video came out.
  4. The teleporting cards is done with dupes with C-3 by Nojima, though, not sure about the one on top of the deck though.
  5. Actually, I think it might be FLAP by Hondo chen
  6. The one on the bottom could be Flap, but the one in between is definitely C3. http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S19457
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  7. I though it might be this
  8. It might be, but I don't think so.
  9. It's definetly c3. If you are talking about the first one. Not sure which one you mean exactly. I'm planning on getting c3
  10. I thought we were talking about the thing that Chandler (guy on the left) brings in at 0:10. It's either FLAP or Gimmick'd

    I'm Fairly Certain it's FLAP because Gimmick'd comes with Pre Made Bicycle Cards. Not Tallys.
  11. right but he asked as a side note what the first move was. It was c3
  12. Yeah.... But we were talking about the teleporting cards from 10 seconds in because that's what asked for...
  13. lol okay i wasnt sure
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