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  1. So guys im a magician learning from yt so i am in a difficult desicion and i cant decide what should i buy 1)nest of wallets 2)expert at the card table 3)vanishing coke bottle also i wanna ask y if there is a diffrence between the newest and the oldest editions of expert at the card table?
  2. It completely depends on what you are hoping to accomplish. If you are looking to fill a void in a show/performance then go with nest of wallets or vanishing coke bottle; however if you just perform casually are you seriously going to walk around with a nest of wallets or a vanishing coke bottle for the opportune times? Probably not.

    If you are solely looking to learn a great amount of card material, obviously you go with the book.
  3. Honestly - Mark Wilson's Complete Course of Magic would be a better purchase for you.

    If you've learned from YT you're probably missing massive swaths of foundational skills. Mark Wilson will teach you most of those skills.
  4. so one guy told me taht i can find google on pdf soo guys i dont know i thought that i can read it online and purchase 1 of the others what do you think???
  5. so man i just find 2 online pdf copies of the book so what you just recommend me as a begginer?
  6. My recommendations:

    1. Stop learning from TouTube. You will thank me later.

    2. Get Royal Road to Card Magic in a physical book form.

    3. Get Mark Wildon's Complete Course in a physical book form.

    4. Don't get Expert at the Card Table. It is not a good book to start with.
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  7. That's going to be impossible. As it doesn't exist. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic is what you meant.
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  8. iPhone autocorrect. o_O
  9. whats the diffrence between a pdf and a real book?
    And ma man yt is the new platform of magic if y know who to serch you can learn really good stuff even from yt believe or not we are living in 2018 you can find a lot of things

  10. You only need to watch until around 2:30.
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  11. Alright i understand that learning from yt is like the dark and i can find the real truth on reading books and more thank y man i am also greek and thanks for the support i am now starting magic i am just only 14 yold and i cant understand the ways and techniques of starting that art
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  12. The best way to start is to get Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. You could do an hour show with the material in that book. Just reading the book and thinking about how and why the effects explained work will do more to advance you magic than watching 100 hours of videos on YouTube. It costs less than $15 USD. I'm not sure what shipping would be or if you can find it in Greece or from a store in elsewhere in Europe.

    To answer your question about what else to buy, my advice is to think about what you would perform most. I don't buy a new effect until I decide how I'm going to present it. If you don't have any other magic props, I'd get a thumb tip, a 12 inch silk (to vanish in the Thumb Tip), a set of 2 inch sponge balls, a couple of decks of Bicycle or similar quality cards, some standard Bicycle gaff cards like double facers and double backers (R/R, B/B and R/B) and an invisible deck or Brainwave deck.
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  13. OK thank you very much, i have all this decks thumbs spongeballs etc but i want you to tell me your opinion i am abouto to buy 1)nest of wallets 2)vanishing coke bottle 3)invisible loops. i know that the most important of these are invisible loops but y should buy them all time and they dont last forever also invisible loops are very expensive and if i will take a lot invisible thread i think that it will take me hours to make them!
  14. the book is around 15 euros and the cost of shipping is 50 euros extra and its not for my budget but i have found all these books on pdf whats the diffrence between a real book and a pdf?
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    For example i cant use that [EDITED BY MODERATOR] that is like the real book ?? it has 500 pages I can only learn from the real book ore you tell me all these things to buy it because that what i am doing is illegal?
  16. Also in your opinion i should read all the book or i should read some pages ??? and whats the method of reading magic books? because its not like reading a story.
  17. If you buy a package of loops, you will go through most of them in the first day. Other than that, my advice is which effect do you want to perform most? Buy what makes you the most happy.
    That is my personal preference. I think it is easier to learn from a real book.
    There are some electronic books that are free and legal because the books are in public domain. Examples include Expert at the Card Table, Royal Road to Card Magic and Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Mark Wilson's book is not in the public domain so any downloads would be illegal.
    I read through the books because you never know when you will need to know something later. I read through the effects that I'm interested in more carefully and the ones that I'm not that interested in less carefully. Then, I'll go back and learn the effects that I'm going to perform by studying them and practicing them.
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  18. if i take loops i will most use them for the invisible touch and the ghost deck.But i would like to tell me your opinion about the other gimmicks too! what do you think for 1)nest of wallets 2)vanishing coke ??? and whats more worthy and get better reactions?
  19. So in every effect there is a little part that describes that effect and if im interested i read it, i try to lern it and then i look who to perfom it? and that works not only for effects but with normal tricks and others right?
  20. Also is there a better gimmick of these i am telling you right now?

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