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  1. Well no offense but it's also ironic that one would claim to 'read books' and can't quite read what I posted.

    I never claimed to 'learn magic from YouTube' - my point was tutorials of specific moves can be found on YouTube or other overlapping moves as part of another trick for hecklers to use. Another point was that it's a rare occurrence.

    Or you can go ahead and name me an effect from said books whose moves haven't already been exposed on YouTube.
  2. You do realize that magic has been around for pretty much all of human history, and that some of the most intelligent people in that history have practiced it?

    Do you genuinely believe that all of that knowledge is on something so new as YouTube?

    Most of magic knowledge hasn't even been put into video yet.
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  3. I agree 100% with this. The only time I have ever had someone try and figure out what I am doing is from people that I know that can't handle being "fooled" even though nothing is presented that way they take it that way. They NEED to know what is going on and why they didn't figure it out so they start blurting out what they THINK is going on.
    When performing for MOST people they want to be entertained and realize the performance isn't build around fooling them but entertaining them. That is done through your patter which I think is harder than learning the actual effects themselves!
  4. I completely agree - I don't expect YouTube to have nearly a fraction of the contents that can be found in books.

    However, if I'm making the argument that books are the way to go because its contents cannot be found on YouTube - which in turn nullifies the heckler issue.. and the magician is to "blame" for using moves from YouTube to begin with, then at the very least I should be able to back it up with an example or two.
  5. Guys, let's not turn this into that thread.

    OP asked for advice, I think he's gotten it.
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  6. Let me pull a couple of books that are on my desk and name two effects from each book:

    Brazilian Bend - The bending of a fork in a cup of coffee - Bloomberg Laboratories, p. 39

    Peel Slide Switch - A 4 for 4 Packet Switch on a Deck - Bloomberg Laboratories, p. 97

    Twelve the Hard Way - Spectator selects a card, you rapidly locate the other 12 cards of the suit, but the selection doesn't match the cards you produce, you then make good by transforming all 12 cards into the selected card - Lessons in Card Mastery, p. 99

    Bulletproof - Spectator shuffles, performer controls any 4 of a kind named by spectator and then produces the aces- Lessons in Card Mastery, p. 149

    Deck of Missed Opportunities - A letter is shown, a deck is shown with different names of famous people on the back of the card, a story is told, the spectator thinks of a card, on the back is the name of the person who wrote the letter and inside is a famous quote of that person - Confidences, p. 1

    The Card in the Mirror of the Mind - A freely thought of card is reflected in a pocket mirror - Confidences, p. 239

    Voice Waives - Spectator names any suit, removes the four of a kind from the deck, turns over the three suites that were not the selected suit and then the remaining card with the selected suit has a different back from the rest of the deck. Everything can be inspected. - Complete Walton, Volume 3, p.50.

    Paper Palace - Four Queens are placed face down on the table. Spectator puts an envelope on top of one of the queens. The selected queen disappears and appears in the envelope (no forces, no duplicates) - Complete Walton, Volume 3, p. 179
  7. Not to mention a countless amount of principles that in themselves cannot be considered effects, but can become effects if used correctly.
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