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    I am currently a Senior at a University in Utah. My major is Aviation Science. I am studying to be a pilot. What better chance to do something that you have a passion for and magic at the same time. I am around plenty of little kids and young adults at the airport and have been given many opportunities to perform for complete strangers waiting to board a flight. Pick something you love and the magic and performances can come in any flavor. Good Luck!
  2. The best advice here is to take some general classes in your first year to try out a few things to see what you love (the world is bigger than you know). However, if you think you have what it takes, pursue a career in magic. But do your homework first - or else you will be a homeless magician. More often than not, magicians have a regular job that they work, and transition into magic full time as their client base grows. It's not the type of career that you can just slap an ad in the paper and yellow pages and expect to work full time.

    Do whatever you love.
  3. I've been looking into Criminal Justice and Radiology. I'm not sure which. I've always thought a job as a radiographer would be cool (I've been x-rayed countless times - I've broken 8 bones lol). On the other hand, I've alway thought it would be fun to be a cop and I'm always interested in what's going on when there are tons of police and fire trucks and I can't get to the major road from my house because cops have it barricaded (happened yesterday...huge wreck...hope everyone is alright). I also love shows like COPS and NCIS.

    My only issue with law enforcement is the pay :(
  4. Choose to major in something you're genuinely interested in no matter if it has to do with magic or not.

    Psychology, Acting, Movie science (how to "build" a story with crescendo etc) are some of the subjects you can minor in if you want something that could possibly benefit your magic.

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