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  1. HI im almost 16 and im thinking about performing magic professionally. I already read all of the forums about whether or not this is a good idea and i know how difficult it is, so im not asking for advice on that. What i do want to know is what classes i should take in college. What should i major in? I would think some kind of business classes but is there anything more specific than that?

  2. I would encourage Theater, Public Speaking, Marketing and Business.
  3. Fine arts. Maybe dramatic performance/acting..?
  4. If you want to be a better magician, Theatre is a must. If you want to have work, and to manage your house well, then business is a wise decision.

    Perhaps business major and a theatre minor.
  5. Im going to college next year, I plan to do magic professionally in the future. However, this year I found out I have other interests. so along with magic I'll be a police officer, Im gonna major in criminal justice. So If you have any other things you enjoy, wouldn't hurt to major in that as well and if magic ever falls or you change your mind you have another thing you love to fall back on.
  6. Theatre would be a plus and business classes would be mandatory because being a professional magician there is going to be a big business side to it.
    I just started college this quarter and I do not know if I'll have time to fit in any of those. I have done 1 gig last year so I feel fulfilled. But I do want to do more when I get the chance, I'm focusing on trying to get, a degree in computer programming degree.
  7. I'm am about to start my second semester of college(i just turned 18), I first wanted to be an actress but I realized that there is a possiblity I will not get a great job that can support a future family. So my first semester of school i took my basic classes like history, english, college algebra and psychology. Before this upcoming semester I talked to an adviser and took an interest test. Though I like acting I found out that I would also be intersted in Nursing or Criminal Justice. Since i've actually thought about Criminal Justice before I signed up for two classes this semester with a theatre class and another history. You really need to think about a Job that you would enjoy doing besides acting or singing or magic (insert any activitiy you are good at). If you have problems figuring it out yourself there are tons of advisers and teachers that can help you out.

  8. I think along with theater, business and marketing as mentioned above, taking a psychology class would help too.
  9. I'm going to university to study Theatre Acting and Performance with the hope of a future in acting, directing, and writing for the stage.
  10. It seems to me people are going the "Dan-and-Dave" route as well, studying film.

    All honesty as a university student, take what interests you.
    I know that isn't going to be much help NOW, but wait until your first/second year of university and you'll understand.
  11. Pls Really think about this. It hardly works out the way you want it and things will alway come up. Take somthing you will be happy doing!

    I would suggest talking to advisors and request information on certain majors to find out what you want to do. I would however give another mention for Criminal Justice. Im a Criminal Justice major (Forensic Science) at John Jay here in New York. The Criminal Justice field is always looking for fresh blood. I have scored some great internships in the field with the state and government. I am waiting to save up more cash to go back for my masters.

    I would suggest if you look for a law enforcement position in Criminal Justice (police,probation, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, etc) to get a check up on everything. Vision, hearing, blood pressure etc. I was denied most of these postitions due to hearing in the left ear from an accident when I was a kid so now im looking at lawyer, court clerk, and of course Forensic Science . Even the army couldnt take me which is sad. If you know anybody who has went through MEPS for the military it is simialr to that. These agencies test for the same stuff. BF%, color vision, vision, blood pressure, EKG, and if you have tattoos, you will be writting forever describing them and some places like NYPD take photos of them.

    Medical is in demand and a very good field. Chemical Engineer is a good choice. Things like fiber-optics is very big right now.

    If you are looking into the business side of things for magic you will want to look into contract procedures and some accounting. Its better to handle this area on your own instead of someone else.

    Kind Regards,

  12. I completely agree with UncleMings, as much as I am determined to become a professional someday as well, college for me is going to be about another interest. I know a professional who went to college for things completely different than business, theatre, etc.

    Try to find a mentor, they can be a lot more helpful than classes that are sub-related to magic, even though they will help as well of course. My mentor has helped me with all of the things I would've had to take classes on and much more.

    I am planning to go to college and major in Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences. While going through college, I am going to try and steadily build magic into a full-time job. I know at least 4 other professional magicians that have done this in the past and are doing very well out of college now.

    Find another interest and go with it, while learning how to use magic as a living in college. I think you will benefit much more from this and will have something to fall back on if magic doesn't work out as a profession. You have had some really good advice posted in this thread, now make sure to use it!

    Best wishes,

  13. Also, adding on... What I did to find out what I liked while still in high school... i took as many different types of classes as I could my junior year, and this year (sr yr) I ended up finding out I want to be a cop through an internship I was forced to do for a required government class I take this semester (went on police ride alongs for it). So try as many things as you can. I know you want to be a magician and thats great, but you might find something else you love just as much, so it never hurts to look and keep an open mind.
  14. I came here to post this, essentially. A business degree isn't going to be MANDATORY for being a magician, I don't know why anybody would ever think that. Hell, college isn't mandatory. If you're going to pay for school pay for something you enjoy doing and that you can devote 4+ years to studying. Also realize that there's always time to change your mind, so just try to find classes that you enjoy and build up from there.
  15. I agree with Nikki. Internships will help choosing your path. When I first went to college I was going to be NYPD falling back on Forensic Science. I got an internship with United States Probation (SDNY) processing offenders out of prision to start their probation. The work was adictive and wanted to become a PO so bad that after my internship I volunteered to stay on. It didnt work out at the time because I didnt have my BA yet to apply for PO and even if I did, my hearing would have kept me out as I later found out.

    If you have any interest in the Criminal Justice field PM me if you have any questions

    Kind Regards,

  16. Thank you guys, i really appreciate the advice. Im not really interested in any criminal justice, and if full time magic doesnt work out, what are good compatible jobs where i can do both? Any ideas?
  17. That's kinda where figuring out what else you love comes into play. Really, almost any other job you get could allow you to do both, you need to figure out what else your interested in, so take some classes, look around. Your young, you have time.
  18. well...i suggest go for fine art and film and theater major..
    this is a good market for today...
    its so famous major in some country including mine..
    good luck...
  19. Anything to do with physics, security, or technology would be sweet. Astrophysics or QM? That's the shiznit. You may want to do magic professionally, but for me, the professionalism stops at standing outside a Chipotle restaurant with a hat on the ground showing people card tricks until I get $6.10.

    I love this guy, and I've never spoken a word to him in my life.
  20. Just to toss in my 2 cents, you should take a class in college that you want to do and keep magic separate from school. Nikki is giving sound advice and should be highly highly regarded. What if you go through with your life and take classes in Theater. Now what if you come out of the other side of college with a degree in theater and do not make it as a magician? What do you have to fall back on? Theater? Now that is an even harder and more cut throat profession then magic! So then what are your options then? Mcdonalds, Target, Best Buy, etc. If you're going to go through the LONG years in college might as well make it worth while for you now and in the future. Business is a respectable degree, but then again I am biased since that is my major.

    ;) Also I noticed that college theater classes are filled with stuck up actors who'd put, dare I say, me to shame?

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