What type of magic content would you like to see?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EricS, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've been looking around the net for a nice magic resource that includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced guides on magic(as well as histories and biographies on authors). Sort of like a definitive source for magic information. I believe everyone here on the Theory11 forms is talented, so I'd like to collect some feedback in creating a helpful magic resource for people.

    There's no bad answer here and I really welcome any ideas. Here goes:

    1. What is the #1 most important piece of information you'd expect to see on a magic site?
    2. What is the 2nd most important piece of content/information you're hoping to find on a magic site?
    3. Is there anything else on the page that would make it even more awesome?

    I think if we all chip in - we'll be able to think of some really cool stuff together. Thanks guys!
  2. If it's the kind of resource that might be the first port-of-call for a novice magician, I think a brief article/video/podcast/[insert relevant medium] discussing the ethics around exposure, including accidental exposure caused by lack of practice, would be useful. As attested to by many posts on here, a lot of beginner magicians don't understand the rights and wrongs of this issue, and it would be good to start them off on a good footing.

    I would also love to see any biographies, histories, etc., complete with full bibliographies to lead the reader onto their own research. Jason England's downloads from this site are a superb example of this in action, always complete with many references to essential texts. Nowadays though, a useful addition would be a "DVD-ography", or even a "download-ography", so citations of those media can be included too.

    Primarily, though, the single most important thing to do is to be rigorous with the information that's included. Make sure everything is well-written, and researched from multiple primary sources, rather than just being a compendium of hastily-culled information from Magicpedia pages. Ensure that you are adding something to the sum of magic knowledge, rather than just riding on the backs of others' work.
  3. I believe that if creating a magic database it is important to not reveal information, at least free of charge, but provide free introductions and instructions on what the realm of magic is like. The single most important thing that I would add would be information on getting started in a public setting (street magic and stage) as well as what types of materials to begin with. I would have like to have had a little bit of information on what type of effects were best and what their difficulty and best used setting is right when I started in magic.

    Also, I would like to see a social element in a magic site. This meaning a deeper "social networking" community for magicians.

    I will edit, and add more later, but for now I have no time.

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