What would you get JB for his birthday?

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  1. If you could choose three things to get J.B. for his approaching B-Day what would it be? Here is my top 10

    1. Red Bull
    2. chic-fil-a
    3. Duck Tape (industrial strength)
    4. Cheer Wine
    5. ring pop
    6. scented candle (mulberry)
    7. Golden Girls autographed season 3
    8. Gummy bears
    9. stuffed bear or puma filled with woodchips for scent
    10. Movie the Hangover
  2. An Ellusionist pinata
  3. Really?
    A 6 pack . . . . . . . . . of bikes.(sorry that was corny):p

    Pshh, I turn 20 tomorrow, that means . . . . . . . . I can do absolutely nothing yet for another year.
  4. a woman that can 'magically' make her clothes disappear!

    Haha, but seriously...
  5. Happy B-Day Tomorrow Danny

    well, at least being at 20 you can still vote like you did at 18 so Happy Bayme-day tomorrow Danny. I meant B-day
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    I'd get him a kit so he could teach us how to count. And a Ferrari. And a signed coin by me. With a shell on it.

    Am I over 3 yet? Or do I need to be at 10 for all the Dirty stuff I'd get him?
  7. here is my gift....
    I hope he will like it

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  8. I would buy him a gift but first and as he opens it .. it would contain a teaser, only showing scrabbling images then 2 weeks later I would make a pod cast about how awesome the gift actually is then 1 week later I would call him up tell him to wait to 11 pm... actually deliver it, end result being awesome.. :)..
    ps. just so he knows what it feels like
  9. Vega thats the best gift ever!!!!!!

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&& Nothing beats a Chuck Norris cake for your Birthday unless its a Mr.T cake made of lightbulbs ,glue, dandelions icing, crisco and staples.
  10. hahaha I know....
  11. The movie the hangover? how about an actual hangover :p
  12. I would get him a d1ck in a box.

    Side note. (oh boy,a chuck norris and mr.T joke has made an appearance)
  13. Anyways

    Happy birthday wishes from all of your pawns here on T11 J.B. Your the best. Keep up the great work!!
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    Gift certificates to hooters.

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