What's your favorite effect that you perform the most?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. "Think of a card, ANY card" --- my version.. :D it is really a free choice, no sleights, just psychology.

    And, Diplopa.

    And my all time favorite, Stigmata. :D
  2. You misspelled one of your "favourite" card tricks.
  3. favorite is spelled right. It's like color and colour.
  4. Nope, you misread my post. I wasn't talking about the word "favourite". Favorite, Favourite, same thing. You misspelled one of your supposedly favourite tricks.
  5. Invisible Deal, or a Mental Photography Routine
  6. Ah, sorry, was sleepy then.

    Diplopa is misspelled? Ah, pardon me.
  7. Btw, we're off topic, :D

    on topic,

    spectators love the card-to-mouth effect.
  8. spectators love another to-mouth effect id rather not mention at the moment, but it gets GREAT reactions. :p
  9. Liars Club
  10. awnser

    my favourite has 2 be just jokeing jays sankey or 44 danny garcia:D
  11. Whats your favorite effect that you perform the most

    Oh yeah thats what some members on here do.. I do that myself.

    But there are other sites that are strictly made for just blogs as well.
  12. My favorite trick is a trick called "Foursome" that is originally a Harry Lorayne trick.

    I do the Michael Vincent version of this trick that is, to my eyes, much more better. :)
  13. I LOVE the Biddle Trick at the minute - reactions are awesome!
  14. sick by sean fields
  15. Gregory Wilson's Florida Keys. I always have my keys on me, meaning I always have a kickass impromptu visual effect that kills.
  16. As far as card tricks go, I have two favorites. The Biddle Trick (with my presentation) and Twisting the Aces (Jon Racherbaumer's presentation).
  17. Just by curiosity , what's your patter for the biddle trick ?
  18. Invisible Deck

    Works every time ;)

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