Where to get beach themed playing cards?

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  1. Hey all,

    I have a friend who loves the beach and loves functional playing cards, and I was wondering if there are any good decks you guys know of that are both beach-inspired and feel good to handle (preferably not the kinds of cards that are only for design). Any help would be great!
  2. Note: by Beach inspired, I don’t mean it has to literally have seashells or something on the face. I would just like at least the back of the cards to be somehow related or have a sea kind of theme:)
  3. If you're looking for a sea theme, these might be up your alley: https://store.theory11.com/products/navigator

    Can't think or recall of any decks currently that have a beach theme to them, but this is closely related. Hope this helps!
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  4. “Stay” playing cards have a fresh colour on the back, I recommend you to check them out!
    Also surf playing are good.;)
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  5. Thank you!! Unfortunately she already has this pack, but they are beautiful cards:)
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  6. Thanks for the awesome recommendations!! Those are both beautiful packs, the “stay” ones might be the winner!:)
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  8. Shin Lim’s Aloha deck at shinlimmagic.com are palm leaf type things along with 1st playing cards v3 on eBay. I’m not sure how beach like you want them but those are both very tropical.
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  9. Thank you!! Those are really cool too!! I never realized there were so many beachy style playing cards!:)
  10. Wow, I love those Aloha cards! Now it’s just between those and the summer nocs:)
  11. Summer nocs orange and blue are nice for any summer setting including the beach. You might be lucky and find some at art of play or vanishing but most ppaces are out of stock.
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  12. Summer nocs are good but they are mostly sold out

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