Where to learn this Bic pen magic trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mikethez, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:48 AM.

  1. It's POINTLESS to keep looking and searching the internet for this trick. It would be an eGREGious sin if I was to mention the name of the trick or the creator. I WILl not mention the name of the trick, SON.

    Did you get that? It's late and I'm in a weird mood.
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  2. *slow claps*
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  3. Alyson Hannigan: I didn’t get any of that. Did they figure it out?
  4. (A certain creator with the initials J. S.): no.
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  5. Yeah, sometimes I wonder how much she actually gets. Sometimes it seems crazy obvious!
  6. Wait, I didn't get it. Can you ReCap what happened?
  7. Wow. No one understood it. The code was totally indecipherable.
  8. Also, a good trick in my opinion :) And without a gimmick!
  9. I know, I know, I'm brilliant.

    And it's late again so I should probably get off the forums...
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