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  1. Hey I wanted to know in which book can i find this effect.

    A flash paper is shown and placed between two coins and lit leaving a circle of flash paper then you say you will do it again and you place a flash paper bitween the two coins this time you ask some one to select a card and they do and then the paper is lit again this time when you show the paper which is left between the coins it has a burnt impression of the card.
  2. That sounds interesting, I have not seen that trick before. I know in Tarbell they have a few effects that utilize flash paper. I get back to you on this in a few.
  3. It wasn't in Tarbell, sorry. You say that there is an impression of the card in the little card of flash paper, a question; is the impression dark or white.
  4. That sounds weird. At first I thought you were going to say Sankey's In a Flash trick but it isn't.
  5. This sounds like an effect in Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond Book called Ring of Fire. I just checked the book and the description sounds identical.
  6. Hey industrialchild thanks 4 the help and drkrelemnts you are right it is in Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond Book on page 31 but it is called circle of fire. Thanks for the help.

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