which is your favorite Magician from(Theory11 , ellusionists, penguin magic) and card/coin trick???

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by chiragqatar, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. My favorite artist is undoubtedly Wayne Houchin. His presentation is amazing and his tricks are way too easy to perform. I dislike performing with gimmicks and prefer 100% impromptu and most tricks of W.N. like Stigmata and indecent are gimmickless. I also like Daniel Madison. What about you people?? Who's your favorite artist on the online sites and trick to perform. I perform it as an hobby and a beginner. My friends love Stigmata!!!!!
  2. shin lim for me his style is just top notch .
    in terms of best card magic teacher jason england has so much to teach and has so much knowledge
    daniel madison , yu ho jin , tom mullica , lu chen, penn and teller, dan white, yan frisch are also really nice and amazing
    wait. now i just realized i like them all they all are amazing
  3. dan white
  4. He isn't on any of these websites but I have to say my favorite magician is probably Alex Elmsley.
  5. Nathan Kranzo. You have to see him live.
  6. My favorite creators are Yigal Mesika, Mark Mason, Paul Harris, Blake Vogt, Calen Morelli, and Eric Ross.
    My favorite performers are Copperfield, Blaine, Penn and Teller, Dynamo, Shin Lim, Dan White and Darcy Oake. My favorite YouTube magicians are Justin Flom and Rob Anderson. Overall, my favorite name in the magic industry currently is either Dynamo or Darcy Oake. Their style has a strong influence as to how I wish to grow as a performer.
  7. When I started, I was learning a bunch from Oz Pearlman and Gregory Wilson.
    If you like impromptu, check out On the Spot. Pure gold.
  8. Hi, I would have to say that Calen Morelli is my favorite magician because he seems really good but he is also down to earth. As for my favorite affect I Couldn't tell you, so many good ones. Have a good day!
  9. Greg Wilson is LEGIT! Matt Mello, Blake Vogt, and Dan Hauss are sweet as well.
  10. Brad Christian founder of the Ellutionists is very talented with card tricks. The ones I have watch/studied that he does have a flow and dialog that draws the audience into the trick. He gets strong reactions and has a smooth quick delivery that lead the audience down his path....which in turn leaves them entertained and amazed.

    I am an amateur but at 65 years old I have watched and admired magicians for a very long while....and Brad is right up with the best from the few performances I have seen him do....

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