White Centurions Spotted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PeterMcKinnon, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. 200. Thats stupid. These went on here for less than ten and now people are selling them for 200 dollars? I dont know. If anyone buys this they must be a dedicated collecter. And BTW i've seen these on Ebay before for !$30 so...
  2. $200 ????!!!!! That's ridiculous
  3. i sold a deck just a week ago for a starting price of 64, it went up to 81 so i guess its what the market will bear. I'll probably be selling another deck soon with Andrei's Signature. I wont be charging 200 though, thats ridiculous.


    i'd also be careful about that particular deck. It doesn't look right. In the preview window on the deck box for both my decks, the 11 was clearly and entirely visible. This might be a fake.
  4. I picked up three decks and one of them looked like that.
  5. alright good to know, just trying to help.
  6. To be fair, they're expensive on eBay because they're rare. We only printed 1,100. We priced them fairly on our site as we didn't want (or need) to artificially inflate their value unnecessary - we thought it wasn't necessary to do so and that the market would dictate the going rate in a democratic fashion. Keep in mind that Jerry's used to be sold in the casino gift shop for $0.80 a piece.
  7. So if a 0.80 deck can go for 100, a much rarer deck that used to cost 10 should go for approx $1400.
    At least.^^

    Anyway, the 200 dollar price isn't to bad. This is a collectible, and I have friends collecting stamps who'd say 200 is a bargain. For a stamp. That they'll never even use to mail anything.
    Collectibles are weird like that..
  8. Jonathan , I think it was actually 50 cents or even 10 cents ! Luckily , my dad has about 6 bricks in his room which he got in the past in his room so I guess it will collect dust there.I have a few sealed White Centurions but I am not willing to sell them since I gave some to my best friend.
  9. I'll just keep the one on my shelf...
  10. I usually see them going for $90. $200 is ridiculous.
  11. There is a guy who has a website called 1 eyed jack and he sells white centurions for 250.00 and claims he has had people buy them. I have also seen the deck go for 160 ish on ebay before. All depends on who the collector is and how bad they want it.

    All personal.
  12. I can't honestly say I dislike seeing them go for that much (if it does sell). In fact I encourage anyone to sell them for as much as they can get. This helps determine and raise their overall value. If someone thinks they are worth $200, then it doesn't matter what I think - they are worth that much.
  13. Anyone know how much sealed smoke and mirrors would go for? Im not sure if theyre first or second edition though. Whats the difference?

  14. I've seen them sell for around $60 a hit.

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