White Lions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seckert22, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Does anybody know what time White Lions are coming out tomorrow?
  2. Yay, got a brick of 12 on the way!
  3. I just got 5 decks! Woulda gotten a brick but i'm savin up for a brick of v6's!
  4. OMG... i ordered than it said error.. then i did it again. OMG IM GETTING SOME...
  5. Got myself 3!
  6. Got 5! Can't wait! Also saving up for v6's :D
  7. and they're sold out! Thanks for playing.
  8. The bricks of 12 are, but it still has single decks available.
  9. Only the autographed ones
  10. And they're all gone! 42 minutes. Damn.
  11. Temporarily? Hope not.. want my decks to be extremely collectible
  12. Glad I got my brick. :)

    Edit: lolmanthe, David did mention that these were "Series A". That leaves room for a re-release with small tweaks to keep these ones nice and rare. Also opens up the possibility of other colours. We won't really know until more information is released.
  13. I bought a signed and a normal deck...i thought they would last longer though.
  14. i ended up getting six, of course now i wish i would've bought a brick but o well. looking forward to the v6's now.
  15. I got a couple regular decks. How much did the autographed decks go? I wasn't really paying attention when I ordered.
  16. But still, it would be better for me because i dont have any money left over for more decks :p
  17. It was 9.95 for a signed deck
  18. Ah sunuvabiatch! >_< Ah missed it didn't I?

    Also, am I the only one who thinks the card case looks like a pack of cigarettes?
  19. They were sold out in less then an hour. I was suprised

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