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  1. Did we ever find out how many were available? All I can recall seeing is that they were in limited supply, but I don't remember seeing a specific number.
  2. There wasnt a number but there had to be less then 2000 id think if they sold out within a hour.
  3. When i ordered the white lions it said error, so i tried it again and it worked...
    They sent me 1 confirmation email but when i checked today they said they shipped the one that said error AND my 2nd one..
    How Can i get my money back ???????
  4. Two options, I'd recommend the first one.

    1. Don't. Take both orders and enjoy the surplus of excellent cards.
    2. Email them at dborders@davidblaine.com and explain what happened. If they've both already shipped, I'm not sure if they'll refund it, but you'll have to inquire and find out.
  5. I was thinking of the first hehe...
    but i really need the money back :/
    They said i need to send it back but were i live, shipping back to the us will cost about $50-60 so D:....
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    Anybody else got their decks yet? I just got mine and snapped a few quick pics.




    They feel like a regular deck to me (so far), but I haven't broken them in much since I got them so that might change in the next few days. Also, I've never had problems with the top card warping before and this deck seems to have that issue. Finally, the deck came in the order that I show in the fan for the last pic. All the cards were there but it was weird not having them in new deck order.

    EDIT: The bottom row of the second pic features the 2 jokers, the ace of spades, a double back card, and a card showing how to throw (it has the same back as the rest of the deck).
  7. The decks only cost $5 in the first place so it's not like it's a lot of money your out by not returning one. What I would do is just sell the one deck on Ebay for $10 or $20 and make some money off of it instead of returning it. In fact that's what i'll end up doing myself!
  8. I believe they come in the Tamariz stack.

    It'll be a long while before I get mine; got to ship all the way to Australia... :(
  9. I really hope they open up another window for these, or at least come out with some sort of 2nd edition. I just now found out about them!
  10. my six came in today. so far i am really liking them, they feel like tally's to, but a little bit thicker. Mostly they are just a classy looking deck of cards with different court card art.
  11. They named this release "release A" They wouldn't do that if there wasn't going to be a release B
  12. I had no idea. Thanks!
  13. Well people name there kids Jose (A), you don't see kids walking around with the name JoseB do ya? lol
  14. It's the Mnemonica Stack from one of Juan Tamariz' books. I believe Blaine did the same with the Split Spades decks.
  15. I got my 2 Bricks yesterday and one bricks sustained some damage in the corner during shipping. It only damaged one deck so that's the one I opened. Anyway, they do come in Mnemonica stack except starting from the 8th card (5 of Hearts) of the stack on top and the 7th card (Ace of Spades) on the bottom.

    I think that was a nice touch that they did that, as it appears to be a normal deck coming out of the box with the Ace of Spades on the bottom.

  16. I was going to get some but I forgot, Haha!
  17. One Truffle Shuffle and you're ready to go ...
  18. Just got them in the mail. All i can say is WOW.
    A really really cool deck of cards.
    Out of the box you feel the cards are a very good weight and size. They are very slippery and smooth, fan like a dream.
    They are a one way farroing deck but that might change after some use.
    The finish feels kinda close to an aristocrat finish, feels close to the smoke and mirrors v4,5.
    Dont know if theyre going to last a long time though.
  19. I was trying to get the decks, but couldn't. It was really frustrating, I got up at 5:30 AM, then waited for the release, then comes 6 AM (the release). I add them to cart, everything's ok, then checkout and... error. I was like "what??" I tried to checkout 4 times (unsuccessfully) and then the decks were sold out. The checkout system didn't let me through. I know it wasn't my fault because I contacted the credit card service and they told me that everything was ok from my side, it was the checkout system that failed. I couldn't do anything.

    But what's good news is that there will be surely a second release (maybe even third). The reason that they sold out that fast was because they released a small batch. They will be releasing the decks in batches because they have a small staff and it would be impossible to deal with all the orders if they would do just one release.
    So I'm hoping that till the next release the system problem will be solved and I will be able to get some. :)
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    Just got mine! They look amazing! :D Did anyone get that black card in the plastic which is signed by David? It's really nice

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