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  1. I will admit I enjoyed the 2nd episode more that the first. The driving thing was a bit silly but the broken glass was at least a little more believable. Did you happen to see that one?
  2. I 2nd that motion.
  3. I have no problems with gimmicks or gaffs, I just don't lie about them. However the line here is a very murky one. I cannot define it personally, but I can tell you that while I think gimmicks and gaffs and even complicated set ups are acceptable, stooges and camera editing are not. And instant stooges are in my opinion the worst of all, and it always disappoints me to see magicians I respect use them (not saying that has anything to do with this).
  4. Great conversation going here fellas. Love the thoughts, input, and opinions. Let's just keep everything respectful and try to not see everything just the way "we" want to see it. Always listen to others.

    Tyler, you made a great point about Dan's ingenuity. That is along the lines of what I was thinking. I wanted to see some of his strolling expertise in real world scenarios with no set ups because I know he could fry people's minds without doing it the way it happened in this particular TV episode.

    Scott, my wife is my biggest critiquer. It is tough to get things by her unless it is just raw sleight of hand and even at that she picks up on double lifts, get ready's, breaks, etc. Ha Ha. I don't even like taking her to magic shows because she doesn't view magic the way a layman does anymore.

    I've only watched the Driving episode and not the other laying in glass one yet.
  5. Agreed. Being married is the greatest thing in the world! But thats another topic!
  6. SO if they asked you if that was a normal deck of cards and it wasn't you would tell them the truth? I don't condone camera editing personally and that is where I think the man made line comes into play. Everyone has their own personal stance on how far is too far. some people won't use gimmicks, others no stooges, others nothing that requires set up...it's a subjective stance we all take
  7. I will have to disagree with you on that point. Without instant stooges I would have to throw out most of my mentalism routine.
  8. I think you will enjoy the glass episode better. I was expecting more strolling spur of the moment magic myself. And I understand about your wife. Its harder to get anything past my fiancée than anyone else. She sees more than most and watching dan's show with her was interesting. She liked some of it but the poor guy that came on afterwards...she tore him apart...
  9. Josh justified the trick with the card stuck to the sign through an email converstion. I'll give that one away as being some what practical or at least performable if that method is true. But hard to pull off given the environment.
  10. Thumbs up for Josh :)
  11. Haha yes they has actually happened to me many times. I just blatantly tell them "of course not, it is a very magical deck of cards, let me show you.." I find that sometimes the truth is more deceptive than any lie.

    And while it is a personal stance, it does effect the entire reputation of magic. So it isn't something we should just put down to individual taste, at least in my opinion. It's to the effect of some people choosing to eat a lot of fast food in america, and then america having a reputation as a glutenous nation. It's a personal choice, but it effects everyone you're associated with. Now as to who is right or wrong, that is up for debate, and I don't personally have a proper argument for my stance, it's just the way I feel.

    Edit: Josh, I fully understand. The instant stooge opinion is a very personal one, and one that I definitely cannot defend. Something about that idea just really nags at me. I just wouldn't want people out there knowing or talking about their part in it.

  12. I was very dissapointed as well...I expected something more...well more...

    He has lots of talent...I was hoping to see more...organic magic and good presentations... it looked like "another" magician doing magic in tv....
  13. Btw... for a non-us resident like me... white magic sounds a little racist...just saying...
  14. Yes many of my relatives believed that it sounded kind of racist too. I had very mixed feelings about the show, I only got to see one effect from the first episode and I was not too thrilled. The second one though had a couple of things I liked but not too much. I really enjoyed when Dan White performed one of Calen Morelli's soda effects. The glass thing was cool but only thing that I thought was cool was seeing Francis Menotti and Blake Vogt, who was reppin a fontaine shirt, in the background.
  15. I just wanted to add something. It takes a lot of guts, hard work, prayer and a good team to make your dreams happen. He made it happen and God Bless him. I wasn't jumping up and down about the special but hopefully the lay people enjoyed it because in the end thats all that matters.
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    I lie all the time. I lie like a dog. Hell, I tell people during my act that some of the answers I divine are through reading body language and micro-expressions. Yes, I have studied this stuff for years, but it's a damned lie. I use one-ahead or a billet switch or something. I've been called out by specs who correctly guessed the method, then lied to their faces that wasn't what I did and they believed me. "It's a magical deck of cards," is not a truth, it's a lie. There is nothing inherently magical about a stack of pasteboards. Ideally, it should be totally incidental anyway.

    Look, if you don't want to use stooges, don't. But don't **** on me for having used them on occasion because it turned out to be the most effective way to do the effect given the circumstances. It really doesn't matter if it rankles to have to share the spotlight for a second with a dude that the audience isn't even supposed to know is in cahoots with you. The use of stooges as an acid test to determine a good magician or a bad magician is kind of juvenile. The problem isn't that Criss Angel uses stooges. It's that he's so bad at it.
  17. At some point in the next few days, once the holidays (and my head) settle down a little, I'm gonna take the time to come up with a coherent, logical argument here. For now I just have to say I disagree. And I hope someone else will keep this argument going because it is a good one to have.
  18. What is are multiple outs?
  19. This has been mentioned many times in the thread. It's safe to say we all know just how talented Mr. White is.

    I'm surprised that no one yet in these 5 pages considered the other side of this show: the network, producers and executives. Dan wanted a show, they want "reality" entertainment.

    I'm sure if Dan called all the shots and had his say about what is performed, we all would be seeing a different show...maybe.

    Just consider the possibility that the network had a lot of say here.
  20. Good call Brian. I didn't really stop and think of that yet either, but I guess if it was my TV special I would want to be the one calling the shots as far as the material being performed.

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