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  1. So I was amazed that Danny G actually fools people with this. Its amazing if it would work but how?? How does the spectator not notice it?/ I've been caught so many times trying it to my friends and family.

    Does anyone here successfully perform it that can help me?

  2. Yeah i have had ZERO luck at all with this. Unfortunatly i don't think i can help, i'm just as stumped as you are. =(
  3. I have had no luck with it, but then again I havnt practiced it very much. It is extreemely knacky and a angle sensitive, it makes sence that you would get caught. I find there are way better sandwich routines out there, hence why I have neglected to practice it.
  4. This isn't an effect I use that many of times. Althought I haven't been caught yet.

    Keep practicing, that's all I can say to help. Good luck man.
  5. It is very knacky but every now and again you will do it heaps well and it will push you to get it as good as he does
  6. hahaha its a Danny G effect that only Danny G can pull off, i have yet to meet a magician that can pull that off. Insane to watch him do it though...

  7. So I'm guessing you have to do the move extremely fast and James1Wise -- did you use misdirection in your successful performances and have them in front of you or the side??
  8. I guess it's a combination of misdirection and obscene amounts of practice, to be honest I found this move to be far more trouble than it's worth considering it's very limited applications.

    If you are going to perform it make sure you don't do it as your first effect, everybody will be watching very closely, after a few tricks they relax a bit making it easier to do bold sleights such as this one.
  9. I was actually able to not catch myself when I practiced in front of a mirror a couple times. Actually did it how DG performs in the video. But I still do not feel confident enough to perform it cause It's kind of a knack each time you try it. If you really want to use it in a performance I say, just keep practicing it maybe you'll get down the flow
  10. Hey,

    what i found helpful when pulling off "the move" is to angle your body slightly to your right. This way you will have the cover of your extended left arm. Hope this helps

  11. Thanks for the help guys but something i found that is the secret to making the trick work, is a simple sentence. I managed to easily pull this off by using misdirection and it blows people away.

    But if its meant to be done by doing the move extremely fast then only D. G. can pull it off.
  12. You should've practiced more when you were caught the first time. You didn't say what happened exactly, but it appears you aren't drawing the attention of the spectator to the jokers when it needs to be there. Or perhaps you simply haven't got the moves down yet. Especially the second move is extremely knacky and I haven't yet been able to get a consistent result.
  13. I have had luck with this one. If you can get the move down, then it's more misdirection you want for cover or maybe a joke or just getting their eye contact because they don't need to see you put the jokers down as they know you have them both in your hands anyway.
    You could show them putting the last joker down if you wanted too.
  14. This is one of the more difficult tricks to do, but it backs it up in its impossibility and magic-ness. I have done it flawless acouple of times, but its rare.

  15. Man this is just one of those fool-a-magicians-just-because-i-can effects. It looks fantastic but its not very "real world" at least for me. Though that production move it uses has many cool applications other than that.
  16. Just because you and I can't pull it off, doesn't mean it's not "real world". The misdirection is crucial to making this work. (Anyway, even if I can't perform this, practicing the ego slip will give me a wealth of options)
  17. I reccomend doing the quick flash appearence " Ham and Cheese" that Daniel mentions, a lot easier to do live.

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