Who wants to try my challenge?

Dec 1, 2010
Step one, Shuffle a deck of cards and put them face down on the ground.
Step two, Lay down in Sit-up position next to the cards.
step three, Turn over the top card and do that many sit-ups.:)
step four, Do the WHOLE deck.
You will feel the burn.
I got the idea when I promised myself that I was gonna lose weight this year. Why not add cards?
If your up for it, Then do it. I promise you will feel great about yourself afterwards.
Good luck, I just finished doing it.

~Kyle P.S. Comment if you do it.
Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
There is actually a much more interesting game. And it involves exercise partner. You shuffle the deck of cards and spread them on the table. Your friend takes one card and you have to guess it's color. If you guess the color, than your friend needs to do as many push ups as the value of the card is. If you don't guess the color, than you have to do twice as many sit ups as the value of the card is. And then it's his turn to guess.
If you're lucky enough, and he's not, he may end up doing everything lol
Btw. with your game, what ever you do, you will end up doing 365 sit ups every time. Maybe you can apply this guessing game by yourself, if you guess do push ups, if you miss do sit ups. At least you will end up with different number of each, every time.
Sep 7, 2008
Josh Jay published a similar exercise in his public book focusing on playing cards.


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Josh Jay probably got it from his high school wrestling team at GlenOak High School in Ohio. He did not wrestle though. I was college room mates and team mates with a GlenOak wrestler and he said that many of the wrestlers did it as a push up contest. Each wrestler had a deck of cards, you had to flip over the top card and do that many push ups, then flip over the next.....the next....the next...and the wrestler who got through his deck first was the winner.
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