Who would you say will be the next flourishing God?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Jeremy Hanrahan, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I for one do some flourishing, but not much, mostly card magic. But I can say that I really enjoy watching artist's peform their stuff. With the addition of the internet and underground venues,whom would you say will be the next star to rise out of the Underground?

    My vote goes to Jordan Lapping from the U.K His style is unique and his skills are far more advanced then any I have seen. I for one can not wait to see when he makes his mark in this community!!!


  2. Yea Jordan is awesome, but i think Virtuoso have a good chance :)
  3. yes most definetly jordan lapping, i would love to see him become famous and be on one of the videos in what is theory 12
  4. I love Lapping's work, but I think Virtuoso are definatly close rivals, their work is amazing.
  5. To be honest, I think Jordan will have a more important role in magic rather than flourishing. The reason is simple, and he even says it himself; He has a minimal of original material. He can though, on the other side, execute a bunch of material better than the creators, and it scares me to think how he can, some day, execute his own original moves.

    I might as well just quit.
  6. So---only 2 Underground guys that would be worthy? There has to be more lol

  7. I think Jordon would surprize the masses with original ideas. Like many creators have said, including myself "All you need is time, and a quiet place to think" That is how I came up with The Hanrahan Hold. Then after playing with that hold, devised Untouchable Coin Through Bottle.

  8. Well Virtuoso is a group of 4 :p
  9. that's what you get..new forums, new people, no knowledge
  10. Everybody starts from no knowledge. So did you. Just be glad there are lots of people willing to look into cardistry and learn more about it. Can't just push new people out or nobody will ever learn!

    Theory 11 will be a huge task -- informing the world about this amazing art :)
  11. the virts

    i think it would be the virts i like jordan but his style is more variations of things that have been done in the past (i love his variation of jackson 5) but i think virtuoso is more original a ton of the things in their video i have never seen before done by anyone
  12. what about TheCuso? he's deffinantly my favorite flourisher around.


  13. I secretly hope that Ali comes back out of nowere. I still watch the teaser he made now and then and i just love it.
    And yes i also think Jordan has a good chance of becoming a big icon in magic or flourishing.
  14. I personally think the virts, no offence. But they are up to something. Action = going further. On the other hand, i don't have any news of jordan releasing a dvd or material, though he is a flourishing god in my eyes ;)
  15. Be open-minded guys............just because the internet seems to let you know everything that is ON the internet, it doesn't mean there is nothing you don't know of.......

    ....in fact, it just makes the underground even more underground, because everyone assumed they knew it all out there.

    try to get into an idea that there are quite a lot of crazy people that just doesn't like surfing around the net. Who knows? :)
  16. Virtuoso is untouchable.
  17. Virtuoso's video was stunning and whenever I lose inspiration, I watch it...there are others who I suppose are great as well, but I haven't been in the community long enough to have met them.
  18. I agree rich, I too was once a newb, but I never made posts containing wrong information ;) I learned another way..by listening ;)

    anyhow, yeah it will be a huge task, and I wonder if we are going to be able to hold it all up..as in not being overwhelmed by new people posting all sorts of things and us not being able to correct it all (at least wel have Vinnie :D). That's mainly why I want DN to stay..but that's a whole diff story :)
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    Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words. :)

    I would like to thank all of you who voted for me, but to be honest with you, I do not want to be the next "Flourishing God".

    The reason I wish this is because I do not to be known for performing good flourishes, but to be known for performing good magic. Chris pretty much hit the nail on the head and stated what I would have done at this point. My main root-focus and role right now is to continue with magic- and that's all it will be doing. I plan not on releasing any flourishes because, to be frankly honest, I do not have any to share. The reason is simple; at this moment in time I have no fun or drive with creating flourishes, and so I feel I should just continue doing the ones I love and let it be.

    Magic for me is the thing I want to excel at, and that is what I keep aiming for. Flourishing is just a side-note and is something I do not want to be known for.

    I vote for Virtuoso.

  20. It will be Kevin Ho or Huron Low. If one of them doesn't make it no one will.

    And I would agree with Chris that Jordan will pursue more magic than more flourishing, even though is he the chops to do so.

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