Who would you say will be the next flourishing God?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Jeremy Hanrahan, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Thank you to everyone who mentioned the virts. Your support is much appreciated. =D

    On top of that, i'd like to say good job to the people behind theory 11 and all, great website, really nice layout. Everything looks very professionally done up. Awesome.:)
  2. hahaha!
    that's só funny....
    not :(

  3. haha, got you
  4. I would say that the next big thing in flourishing will be(IS) Caludio Merlini(CIAPPI).It's a peety that he is with de'vo(always bragging that he's the only card artist, he invented all etc).
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  5. I don't know if you called me an outsider or not. I have been flourishing since February.
  6. jonas perhaps? he has some really original stuff. the virts are ...well yeah, the virts are god-like already. wont take much to make the jump
  7. i rekn kevin ho...

    yeh, and ciappi is relli kool as well, he does relli amazing stuff and has insane creativity.
  8. Interesting topic. I think in order to be considered a flourishing "god", one must be skilled in all areas of flourishing. Very few people can meet this criteria. Some names that come to my mind are Jerry Cestkowski and Bone.

    As far as the next person to be added, I'm not sure there are any flourishers that fit the bill quite yet.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    Hmm. Hard to tell who the next card-god will be, but I can tell you this:

    Bone as well as Virtuoso are going to throw out some crazy stuff. :D

    Also, I guess most of you haven't seen Bone's or Virtuoso's magic, it would blow you away.

    And about that guy's dad saying Virtuoso's video was sped up. It wasn't. I've met two of those guys in person, and they are just as fast and smooth, in fact, they were even more impressive live. :D

  10. Maxv321, Jrunst3n, Digital Artist 6, xLOOMx, and webghost1 all have great potential. I'm waiting for the end of the HL tournament just to see who comes out on top and what these guys come up with. It'll be awe inspiring to see Maxv321 in a couple of years since he's at such a young age. Not even being able to drive yet. :(

    Ciappi is pretty established getting his teaching section on XB II and such. FatFingerz, I'd consider him already established considering he landed himself a nice television spot in his home country for everyone to see.
  11. I dont think saying who will be the next flourishing god is a fair question, as its all just opinions and peoples personal preference.

    Theirs so many good flourishers on the scene at the curent time, wouldnt be fair to say that one guy is the best.

    It simply wouldnt be true:p

    Many thanks

    Daniel Chard
  12. Does Bones have a web site or dvd?
  13. Under construction: http://www.boneho.com/

    He currently isn't selling any DVDs.
  14. Though I hear he is going to begin working on a DVD soon. ;)

  15. I think you should watch the HL tourney threads for who some of the up-and-comers are, De'vo is going to feature a bunch of the best forum members on his next DVD and these are guys that are really attaining professional level! guys like webghost, max321 and Ciappi for example are just freaking rad.

  16. Thanks man.
  17. Wow. what jokes. the next God is obviously going to be me =P. haha.;)
  18. This is probably the toughest question that has ever hit the cardistry forums. I watch all the videos that are submitted to T11 and on the YouTube.

    I can't say I have a favorite but all I can say is the Bucks better watch out, these kids coming up are nothing but STRAIGHT TALENT lately.

    Katie Egleston
  19. Right now there is only one really flourishing "god" and that is the flourishman Jerry C. The main attribute that you need to be a God, is immortality. Since none of these johnny-come-lately kids have been prolific enough to say, release encyclopedias, DVDs, and the like, their "work" (at this point) will not leave a lasting mark, and will not stand the test of time.

    If you really want to intelligently, quantitatively define who the next person is that will supercede J.C. (notice his initials are the same as, um, another famous figure in history?), it won't be someone that has just been flourishing for a couple years (which is almost everyone) Ergo, we won't see the next flourishing "god" for at least a decade, or longer, depending on how long the Flourishman continues to practice. I doubt that any of these kids practice nearly as much as the adults that have devoted themselves to this.

    of course, that's thinking monotheistically, IF there can be a group of gods, then yeah singapore would probably be the next metaphorical Olympus. but Jerry would still Pwn on them with lighting bolts.
  20. I would say God himself/herself/bothself/itself.

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