Who would you say will be the next flourishing God?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Jeremy Hanrahan, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Ha, I love topics like this because yes, we all like the people mentioned so far but we can't be quite shure yet because as another member said, the person may not be a person we know yet. It could be a person who we barely see around the forums who might "pretend" to be new when they might be 13 and know almost everything there is to Flourishes and may be much better than most of us.

    We just cant tell yet, yet there are many people now that post videos quite often.

    If fact it could be a person without a camera and just practices all day.

    All in all We dont know who the next "God" is.
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    I'm not very in on flourishing (I'm more the magic type), but from what I've seen, Daniel Streit will go far. :)
  3. Hands down virtuoso~!
  4. Who will be the next? Who was the first flourishing god?
  5. If fattywarbucks came back he would give you guys a run for your money. Anywayya it could be as jordan said in his interview with the cuso. Someone who practices all day and doens't have a camera.
  6. Kevin Ho will be the next to hit big in flourishing.

  7. where can I find his videos???
  8. Wow, I forgot about some of those -- I didn't realize I had a mini-archive!Thanks for posting, Copperfield 14, I appreciate it. :)

    Kingarthurlove, I hope you have fun watching!

    Take care all,
  9. Lapping..
    Bone Ho I think he is a God now
    Jonas has great chops
    Kev Ho I hove his cuts

    For somebody to be a God isnt completely necessary to release a DVD or a Book :S
  10. For someone to be a God? It would just be someone who as spent more time and achieved more in his art than you. A God can only be God if you let it.

    Publishing a DVD or book protects your material and helps you earn a living off of your art while giving back to the community. Why wouldn't they be able to? I'm pretty sure anyone who knows a little something about word processing can release a phamplet or two, or better yet some pdf's for the web. Course if their doing it on their own it can take a while.
  11. I like to think that there is someone out there other than the virts and Jordan Lapping who will rise up. Not to say these guys aren't awesome but i like to think there is a lil dude sitting in his room with his deck making dananddave look as about familiar to a deck of cards as a penguin is a desert.
  12. Trashmanf gets my vote.
  13. Whoa there Jonas, I may be a flourishing god, but you pwn me with D-lites any day ;)
  14. Trash i think you will "pwn" everyone soon....:p
    You know what i mean...

    to much?
  15. no not too much

    THIS would be too much ;)

  16. Are you sure the cat isn't just bowing to a pack of mighty "wynns"?
  17. Bone Ho, all the way.

    The guy is like a hybrid of De'vo and Virtuoso. He is just pure beastiness.

    If you're looking for 12 packet displays and 3 feet card dribbles, then he's the guy to go to.
  18. What if I am an Atheist?

    I do not believe there could be a "God"

    It would be impossible to be a God because everyone would have to believe you are one, at the exact same time.

    We all know that the world has more things to care about then a "God" at flourishing.

    Just my two cents.
  19. That cracked me up! Haha!

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