Why Do Magicians Dislike Criss Angel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AshleyHall, May 13, 2012.

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  1. I remember once upon a time that I dreamed of going to see Criss Angel's Broadway show. I found the characters that his team created on stage and the genuinely strange, creative, and magical worlds he would take his audience too was remarkable. It wasn't just about the magician putting a girl in a box, it was theatrical and a true performance piece. But the modern day Criss Angel, he reminds me of Ozzy whenever I see him. The drugged up Ozzy I mean. Even my mother is like, "That's Criss Angel now? I liked him better as a goth." I did too. Especially when I saw him perform the metamorphosis illusion with Klayton Scott (an industrial musician) in one of the clips. In fact, from what I understand Klayton helped Criss in creating his first line of CDs; System or something like that.

    But this leads me to my real main point. I believe that many magicians now feel disdain toward Criss Angel for what he has become. He had a lot of potential but unfortunately succumbed to the famous bug. I noticed someone mentioned something about other magicians being jealous of his success. I can honestly say that I'm not jealous of his success. Because the way and path he has taken is not what I want. To many bridges burnt.
  2. because some magicians want to be famous like him cause he is in the new age and some of the older generation has gone to acting other shows cause their acts are washed up old parlor tricks and criss takes magic to a whole new level yea it may be edited or fake but its the illusion that it is real and the walk on water trick was done by meny magicians so the ones who dont like criss Angel is just a washed up artists that cant think of anything new but old parlor tricks and dont have the resources that criss dose and its the old guys fear if the newer generation cause they are being replaced with More better acts so y'all leave criss alone
  3. This thread is old and frankly so is the topic which doesn't need to be rehashed again.

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