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  1. I have seen many many threads about people asking if they can challenge artists to a trick they created. Every time, I have seen people claim that you can challenge, but the artist won't accept. I don't see why. Many people out there are really amazing magicians. After all, Aaron Fisher and Wayne Houchin came from some normal place didn't they? If people are good enough, why not let them challenge artists? Most people think that beating the artist is just not going to happen. However, it certainly can. I once saw a post in which someone challenged Wayne Houchin at Sinful. He claimed he was pretty good at it. Maybe he was. How will anyone find out if nobody gets that chance to show how good they are. By being able to compare with the artist, not only will the person learn where they are in comparison to the professionals, but they will also be able to gain recognition. Let's just say that the person who challenged Wayen to Sinful actually won. It doesn't mean that Wayne is bad. It means that the other guy is just really good. In times like today, people need a little break. If someone is good enough to defeat an artist at his own effect, then he deserves recognition. It takes dedication for such a feat, and if someone has the potential, they should get the chance. I'm not saying that everyone should start challenging artists. I am saying, let people show how good they are. Artists may not have too much time, but if they aren't busy, they should take a look at how others are doing. The artist challenges can be controlled. Maybe the video has to be submitted privately. Then, if T11 moderators or whoever thinks it is good enough, then the battle should start.

    I am just saying, there is no particular reason artists won't accept challenges. find out if people are good enough. Give them a chance. It could be the beginning of their professional career.
  2. Here is another thread relating to this topic. Remember to use the search bar!!!

    In my opinion, every artist is very busy and I don't think they would have the time to battle a lot.

  3. What he said. Artists are extremely busy (When they're not playing pool for Jerry's Nuggets or practicing ninja skills), I am actually very pleased to see all the artist involvement with T11.
  4. The only problem with the idea that I can see is that the artists are busy and that due to the fact that they are an artist here, even if the other guy was genuinely better, a lot of people here would vote for them purely because they were the artist. So basically the other guy would have to bury them completely to get any votes, which isn't likely, making it an innately unfair comparison.

    Though if you want to do it, go ahead and challenge one of them, lol. I'm sure they've got a tonne of performance videos they could just post of their effects, then you post one and people could vote. (It shouldn't take too much of their time.)
  5. I understand what you guys mean. It is just that the artists are not touring places or creating effects 24/7. true, they are very busy. I don't mean to degrade anything. I am sorry if anyone took it that way. It is just that these battles against artists might just make someone's career. I personally am not good enough at anything yet to beat anyone on these forums, but there are people out there who can. If someone was to challenge Dan and Dave to the tivo 2.0, how long would it take for Dan and Dave to upload a video. Their perfomances in the DVDs are probably good enough to win. All they have to do is post the video. Think about the other side. THere is someone who does not have the privilege to just upload a video because they are all so great. They have to work on it, a lot. If they are willing to spend so much time, why is it not possible for an artist to post a video just to give a little encouraging feedback. If someone out there is good enough to beat an artist, I am sure the artist will spend some time looking through the matter. It is not a joke to have some person beat an artist at their own trick. It is a big deal. besides, it is a lot more work for the one who challenges that artist. A little encouragement, like I said, might bring out a new professional magician.
  6. Most performers will, if you email them a video of you performing THEIR trick, will give you honest feedback.
  7. Well,to you,how do you mean "beat an artist"?
    If its technical skill then your way wrong.
    So what do you mean by that?
  8. I stated this in another thread for the same topic and i'll state it again

    even if you do challenge, the voting will be biased.

    who will you vote for.

    world renowned wayne houchin or 14 year old Petey :)
  9. It doesn't matter which side you take the performances on. Technical skill, it is possible. Like I said, if anyone was to challenge an artist, they are probably giving the trick everything they have. Thus, they will probably look into technical skill and presentation. If they really cared, they could probably try hard enough to win the battle. On the other hand, the voting will be biased. However, the possibility that the challenger will destroy the artist is not impossible. Artists do not live their whole lives doing the same effect. After a while, they do not practice for a trick 24/7 the way they do when making the effect. Less practice means not as good. The person who is giving it all can win, and the voting does not have to be biased. Sometimes, there is a visible difference between performances. If there is one, no doubt the artist can be defeated.
  10. who doesn't cheer for david?
    no one. I think if someone could stand their ground, they would win.
  11. if petey had a done a better preformance i would vote for petey. you cant assume that everyone would be biased, i definately wouldnt be.
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    I doubt that petey would give a better performance,given that petey is 14 and possibly new to magic.
    It would be alot easier and beneficial if little petey would just watch performance videos of said artists or David Blaine,cyril takayama and study every inch of the performance.
    Every single subtley.To body language and what is being said and how.
    And of course,petey can go out and buy or check out books on performance theory or acting.

    You dont need to battle an artist.And you wont learn everything from that one battle.
    More than likely,petey would just get a hoot out of battling an artist instead of learning from him.
    And Most of the people who do battle are the ones that are only interested in seeing how fast they're passes are or color changes.
    Which is a waste of time for the artist.
  13. i wanna battel kenner :p
  14. It never occurred to you that they have better things to do than indulge a bunch of webcam jockeys?

    Do you honestly believe that hackneyed, cheesy "battles" got them where they are?

    Better question: Why should I care?

    Jesus cross-dressing Christ on a bike! Did you actually just tell me that beating a Theory 11 artist at a web challenge puts them on par with working pros?

    Excuse me, I need an ipecac. Anybody care to join me?

    That's what bars are for.

    And you need to beat Wayne Houchin at his own marketed effects to do that?

    No it couldn't. Of course, I seriously doubt that you yourself are working professionally, so this comes as no surprise to me that you wouldn't know.

    No they ****ing won't. Because no paying audience gives a buggering toss about Theory 11 or its battle system. Durr!!

    Further highlighting the futility of your suggestion. They wouldn't have to do an ounce of work and most people will just vote for the artist in order to kiss up.

    But it ain't gonna be through the battle system.

    Which is a pointless argument because you just said that they could upload an old video from one of their DVDs.

    Personally, I find your whole assertion that this circle jerk is going to make someone a pro to be insulting to me as a professional.
  15. My problem with the battle system is that it's lost it's touch and relevance. It's no longer about who can get the best reactions and get amaze the most people in a crowd (which is what I am sure they created it for.) Webcam battles aren't entertaining to watch and we get enough people on youtube doing that.

    The artists won't join in the battle because most have careers and other things to do.

    Oh and Steerpike. You're a doodyhead.

    What does coming from a normal place have to do with anything. Vernon came from a normal place. So did Marlo. And anybody else.

    I think the idea of trying to battle Wayne or Aaron on effects they created is just going to end with you crashing and burning. "Who's Gravity half pass in better. Mine or Aaron Fishers?" "Well, he pretty much perfected it, and has been doing professional magic for years. So I'd say you lost.. Big time."
  16. I completely agree with steerpike's post, to think beating a professional will make you a pro is a pipe dream. You all need to get up off your computers and work your magic. Your artists did, that is why they are where they are now. Sitting in your room perfecting an SWE shift that is better them Kenner's will not make you a professional. Work and experience will lead to a professional career. No I am not a professional maybe semi-pro, nah more like a paid hobbiest, but I do know how to be successful in achieving goals. There are very little to no short cuts; the battle system is not one of them.

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