Witness Contest?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Travis, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. I found the first hidden page, BUT WHERE IS THE SECOND!!


  2. I suck at puzzles and can't find crap... haha

    I would love to find this but I guess not...

  3. im with yall i cant find nothing...i dont know what im looking for or even where to begin..because i wasnt around for the whatistheory11.com so i dont know what yall talkin bout..any help anybody..thanks
  4. For any of us who weren't back on whatistheory11.com what are the mystical ways of searching you keep bringing up? Its kind of annoying that I can't find contest details that I may spend money to be a part of...

  5. Are we all having fun yet?

    For those who've found the 'hidden page(s)' - then you'll understand when I say what you win is pretty cool.

    Happy hunting gents.


    ps. PM me if you're stuck and I'll give you a tiny hint, but nothing you haven't read on this thread yet. Good luck.
  6. In the end it is just another marketing plot, Sigh.....
  7. This is getting annoying.

  8. I got it, and i hope i win. I was expecting something like the previous contest, but with magic :( .... Too bad, But i WILL wynn one anyways :D
  9. Again, I really don't get the secret. Why can't someone just post a link? Is there a clause on the page that says 'P.S.- Spread this link and DIE!"?
  10. The prize I think is a pack of wynn casino playing cards.
    anyway I've found the 1st hidden page how do you get to the second?
  11. Oh I'm Mad...... I overlooked it like 5 times before I found it........ I dont know whether the contest is for me though... I already have Doctor Magic's Signature as well as his son's. To be able to wynn the contest might be interesting I doubt that that many people know about it...
  12. and by the way..on the hidden page...it does say "Keep the link to yourself and let others find their way."


    i wish that the contest was better than what it is(sorry for being so cryptic)
  13. I finally found the contest page...

    My only tip is to read clues people have given and use the click options on your mouse ;)

    Its amazing how similar this is to last years Indecent conest (no, Lee nor anyone else is not flying anywhere this time)

  14. Awww no Lee asher coming around on Halloween night:( too bad haha.
  15. T11 doesn't want their servers to crash :D

    Its a neat contest... maybe not worth the hour of my life I spent trying to find it because of my extreme stupidity with puzzles but yeah...

  16. You can't really "win" the contest persay, but you can "lose" it.
  17. Well, you can Wynn the contest...

    I know thats a over-used hint buts its so funny once you get it... haha

    I will not be entering this contest... Good luck to those who will :)

  18. Man, I don't know whether to try and win or not...because I know the effect but, still.....just a tempting offer. I hope the tricks not too much and maybe I will.....

  19. Not until November 1st.

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