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Hey here is some info about Stigmata A.D. which has now been renamed Wounded. We want this to be commercially available very soon so if you have any questions please let me know.

Here is a brief description of what you will find on the Wounded DVD. First let me tell you that this is one of the most powerful and memorable effects in magic. I will explain some of the details of what you get. 3 Stigmata effects including 2 that allow you to display a clean hand and blood appears. All 3 methods are very practical and are very easy to perform. Let me say that again these are very practical and you could perform these in a walk around enviroment, it is specifically designed to be performed in close up intimate settings. The effect in my oppinion is not so much of a freakout effect it can be if you want it but my observations is that the effect is really entertaining and moving. In addition to 3 palms bleeding effects you also learn R.C. Smiths unique pulse stop presentation and the Tears of Blood effect that when combined with the Stigmata effects is something that they will absolutely remember for the rest of your life.
With that being said I will warn you they WILL remember you after you do this effect, so be responsible do not misuse the power of this effect because as you can see with this type of effect some may believe it to be real.
We will post a full demo and take down the teaser soon.

Sounds good. :) Can't wait. I've been looking forward to Flow especially. Flow looks AWESOME! Wounded looks cool, however, I'm not sure I'll be getting it. Flow I will though, no questions asked.

Sep 1, 2007
lol you cant get in trouble for this

stop crying people

this looks like it could be a killer effect, those who are saying "im getting nightmares just thinking about it"...i mean really

are you allowed to watch television? read books? go outside?
as theres far worse happening every day than whats explained in this thread

and for those full blow catholics, i suggest doing some hardcore research
and youll soon discover religion is the most successful BUSISNESS in the history of man.



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Sep 13, 2007
yo this is going to be an amazing effect. I personally cannot wait. The possibilities are endless imagine music in the background, a close-up mentalist show, a revelation on your arm, then the music stops, your palms start bleeding and you cry blood........Need I continue? I think I will though. Your audience will not only remember you but....they will dream about you, they will say while leaving "Did that really happen? Impossible......."
-Wilberto Casillas
Jan 11, 2008
this looks great, however I am confused about when I could use it.

street magic setting- too powerfull in my opnion for a street setting.

kids show- definately not a good idea

restaurant magic- i feel this could upset the manager

party magic- depending on the people at the party this could work, have to becarull though because this could easily ruin a party, but with the right people it could make things more interesting

your own stage show- yes definately

in conclusion i find it only reasonable to peform this at a party but very much depending on the night itself, and perhaps if i had my own show. However i do not have my own show, so i dont know how often i would be peforming this which brings me to question whether i should buy it. any ideas?
Dec 26, 2007
On the dvd Robert does this in 2 different environments. The effect is performed completely surrounded at a night club right on the spot with very little prep, some versions of the stigmata effects can be performed with no prep. as long as you have the wounded gimmick. The gimmick/ gimmicks are very practical for a working pro or the person who does magic for friends at school or at the bar. The gimmicks take up very little pocket space and there are several different methods so you can do them separate or combine them and make them into one longer routine, it really depends on how far you want to take it. I prefer to do a very simple bleeding palms effect or the tears of blood but seeing Robert Smith do the Wounded routine where he combines different methods in one routine is something that leaves a very strong impression on an audience. The 2nd environment that he performs wounded is during a semi formal show where he basically performs the Wounded routine and nothing else and the audience is in shock.
What I noticed about this effect one we were filming this is that people were not only shocked but the were really entertained and I think that whats really important is not how much you can scare people with your magic but how much you can entertain people with it even if you do end up a crying bloody mess.
Full demo coming soon and flow should be out this month.
Dec 26, 2007
The new demo is on the site here is the link it is 69.95 for DVD and gimmicks and it will be available for purchase in 1 to 2 weeks. Here is the official ad copy.

"Very creative methods to accomplish very amazing effects!"
David Blaine

"Top shelf stuff, highly recommended!"
Sean Fields

"These are profound effects that will shake peoples reality. Be very carefull with the powers you will posses after watching this DVD"
Garrett Thomas

Stigmata is defined as marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ. Throughout history, accounts of this phenomenon have changed lives and inspired generations of people across the world, many times over.

Robert Smith has taken this powerful historical phenomenon and evolved it into a reality that your audience can witness themselves. Your audience will actually see the wounds appearing on your open clean palm!

Wounded is more than just a magic trick to impress or freak out your friends. It is like a bizarre dream coming to life right before your spectators own eyes.

With Wounded you will learn 3 bleeding palm effects. You will also learn 2 bonus effects: the Tears Of Blood and Smith's handling of the classic pulse stop effect. In addition to this, you will also receive the original ebook containing 3 more original methods and 2 additional effects! That's a total of 10 WAYS TO PERFORM one of the most powerful effects ever! You will also receive the performance kit that allows you to immediately go out and perform these miracles.

- Very easy to do, no difficult moves or sleights involved
- Extremely Visual
- Detailed explanation and performances
- Gimmicks included
- Angle proof
- Performers hands can be shown empty, there is nothing to hide
- Limitless possibilities for different types of effects
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