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  1. That's sick man!! You better go stock up on some loops!! Nothing better than some giigggs

    I've got 2 on the 30th. One from 5-6 then one from 8-12. Going to be a tough night, but I'll make a few hundred bucks, I'm fine with that :p
  2. Heck yeah man! I want to get some, but I won't have any time before the gig :(
  3. In a sense, what you wrote was, "I got this and this, and I have done this and this, which most people can't." This is not 'just writing something to start a thread,' it is tooting your own horn. If you honestly wanted to simply start a thread, you could have simply said, "I have been fortunate enough to earn enough to purchase a new vehicle, so I will be working to buy a new stereo system." But no, you compared yourself to all the other "spoiled brats" raising yourself onto a pedestal.

    There are hundreds of other magicians that work professionally and semi-professionally, but many of them do not get online and discuss what they were able to purchase from their shows or have received just for the sake of starting a conversation. In the end, even though you deny it, it is pride speaking and not humility. This is what many people need to learn before it is too late.
  4. I was not "tooting my own horn" I simply restated that yes I did spend my own money and bought me a truck and made a small joke about how that is not very common these days. Most kids my age have everything handed to them.

    Kinda like high school sweethearts getting married and growing old together...just doesn't happen very often these days.

    I'm just proud is all. A little self esteem never hurt anyone.
  5. Wow lots of bashing in this thread... Well not really but still...

    Anyways, I couldn't help but notice how you guys are getting so much stuff... It's kinda odd to me how you're getting more than 100$ worth of magic at once.... Maybe that's how you guys do it... But I really only buy one thing at a time, at the most 2.

    Well I was really thinking of getting an edition or two of card college. Or maybe Jeff Mcbride's Art of Card manipulation 1 and 2... And maybe a Zombie Ball... I really need to get more stage stuff... and zombie ball seems great for that...
  6. *cough* card manipulation rules *cough*

    seriously, get it. I had it for a couple'a months and it's very sick. It shows you how to produce a fan, drop it, reproduce a fan in the same hand, drop it and reproduce another one! it has some VERY awesome stuff!!

    And yeah guys, RK was simply stating that people in highschool 90/100 people will not pay for anything on their own. I know people who get BMW's MERCEDES and other cars just for getting like... a b+ average. That's what he's comparing himself to.
  7. Yeah no kidding mehar! Seriously, this is no exaggeration, I know a kid whose parents bought him a brand new Mustang Rousch. He got in trouble for racing it so they took it from him, but bought him a new BMW so he could still drive around...and then a few months later they gave him the Mustang back!!!!....WTH?!

    I may be getting a lot, but that is because I won't buy much through the year! Plus it isn't like I'm getting $300 of like 5 or 6 DVD's with ten tricks on each of them LOL. I'm getting a utility gimmick (TKO), another gimmick that I use all the time, and a system to tie that gimmick (legacy thread/trinity) and that is the bulk of my christmas. The only other thing I listed was metal!

    I was thinking about it too, and I thought about getting Seriously Silly book and DVD so I can study that and start making money doing kids shows!
  8. I'm probably going to ask for a few books i guess, like volume 3 of card college, vol 2 of AOA, and vol 3 of tarbell, but most of the magic stuff i get at christmas is from my grandma, she gives me 200 dollars, and i want to get some of this stuff:

    WOW 2.0
    Vanishing Bandana
    Shrinking Growing Head Illusion
    Legacy Thread
    Appearing Cane
    And Classic Illusions By Paul Osbourne

    Obviously i won't get all of that stuff, it's just some of the stuff I'm considering.
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    Alright, I think I have carried this opinion faaaaar too long to not say it on the forums. I know I don't know everything, and often times I can be ignorant... But RK Magician78, Mehar, and Towtox all REEK of idiocy. Seriously. It's complete bull****. And here are my sources to back everything up: Mehar, Towtox, and last but not least, R.K. magician78. I highly suggest anybody who wishes to contradict me in any way read through their posts, and if you have enough time, read the threads (assuming you haven't in the past). It's amazing how annoying and full of !@#$ they can be.

    Here is what I find annoying, personally:
    -In Mehar's case, continuing to mention his ****ING MAGICIAN TEACHER. Seriously, **** off. We get the point, he's a magician.
    -Asking tons of idiot questions
    -Backing products without owning them
    -TERRIBLE grammar and spelling skills
    -Lame excuses to cover for the fact that they suck at times, rather then taking advice and applying it

    ^If anyone needs more, PM me. I just don't want to overblow this rant.
  10. For my birthday I am asking for a Tannen's Gift Card from my parents for IDK

    For Hanukkah I am asking for:

    Wiregrams: $15.50
    2x Bricks of Bikes: $16
    1 Brick of Tally-Ho's: $13
    2 Decks of Aladdins: $6
    1 Close-Up Pad: $14.95
    Believe DVD: $19.99
    TnR DVD: $24.95
    Psypher: Universal Impression 2.0: $40

    And Thats it I Think.
  11. It took me many years to get to this point. But christmas is not about getting things or asking for things. I know I trust myself buying magic more than my family. If I want anything for christmas, material wise, it's special. All I want for christmas is to see my girlfriend again before I leave. And to be able to spend with my family. Not to sound cheesy, but those are my priorities. I have so much fun buying gifts that it doesn't matter that I get anything. Recieving is always awkward anyway! We all learn differently, so I won't judge you based on how many things you buy or want. I know I make purchases as though I were whole sale. I like to think I study at a steady pace though. for me, it's convenience. It's nice to have reference. And I know what I want and what I need. plus, it's nice to take advantage of shipping before I go international. I wish you the best these holidays!

  12. A-f**king-men.

    Christmas is not about getting presents, it's about giving presents and spending time with loved ones. I can honestly say that if I got no presents this year it really wouldn't bother me. This year has been so good for me as I have finally got onto a course to do what I want in life (train to be a school teacher) that a few decks of cards and books on card tricks almost seem irrelevant now.

    But on the point of magic, I can't believe how much you guys all spend/want to spend in one go! $400+ is an insane amount of money! The last magic related thing I bought was Paul Gordon's 'Card Startlers' DVD set, about 6 months ago. It cost me £35 (about $50) and had 50 tricks on it and that's enough for me for now.

    I am going to a convention in 4 weeks, so I'll probably get a few things there, but seriously doubt I'll spend more than £150.

    I'm seriously starting to think the global recession was actually caused by kids asking their parents for magic stuff!

    Seriously, I'm just gobsmacked. Christmas is a not supposed to be the time of year to bleed you loved ones dry just cos you need 24 decks of the new fancy $12 pack of cards.

  13. My list:

    Spend time with family
    Enjoy being with friends
    And a cardigan

    I'm very self-sufficient .

    Now, that's just what I want from my family. From myself, I'll be buying various camera gear, a shoulder rig, perhaps a new lens if I get Christmas money.

    In all honesty, I haven't bought a magic trick/book/DVD in over 2 years. I did a walk-around gig the other day with nothing more than a normal deck of cards, a Walking Liberty Shell/Flipper set, and a card to wallet. I used the 2 latter props less than 3 times in 2 hours. The deck of cards was my go-to item, just doing very standard, hard-hitting tricks like the Biddle Trick, a Sandwich routine, and a Collectors plot. Consumption is a very addicting habit in magic. It's hard not to fall into it.
  14. Zach, I can't blame you. Your friends are hilarious, especially that Tyler guy. He can really bust some dance moves out though, haha.

    I'm probably really only going to pick up Revelation for christmas, and Poker Protection for my birthday. 120 total in 2 months and I'll be set for a while. Chances are I'll probably buy them with the money I get for the two, and I'm only pushing for Poker Protection because it'll be harder to find in a year or two.
  15. Exactly. I need not get into religion here, but Christmas to me isn't about getting gifts (like I see a lot of people here boast about how much stuff they are supposedly getting). Most likely, you aren't going to get everything you ask for. Parents give gifts to their children because they love them and want them to be happy. Now when you beg and plead them to get that super cool brick of cards and they don't have the money, if they say no then stay with no. Don't bother them again with it. You don't NEED the brick of cards, it is a WANT. Today, kids need to realize that the holidays aren't about gifts at all. The true gift is being with your family and getting closer to each other. Take a family trip out and think about them, not yourself. The last thing the parents want is to have their kid jump and whine about not getting one thing they wanted. That is where you see a spoiled brat come into play. If you have money, and I mean your own money, buy your family a gift like they would do for you. It's that simple.

    When Christmas rolls around for me, I'm not the one who is happy to get out of school and is excited to get gifts for free. I'm not going to my religion views much, but it's a time for me to get closer to my family, have great times, and get closer to God and Jesus (PLEASE NO ARGUMENTS ABOUT THIS). It's my favorite time of year, only for the love and getting it in return.

  16. Yeah, Christmas to me is about family, friends, time out of school, etc. The gifts are kind of a bonus. I don't ever ask for magic stuff, when I ask for something it's like, one thing. My parents usually just get other little things they think I might like, and clothes. My birthday is January 5th so I basically get Christmas money and hold on to it for a week when I get birthday money and get something I don't want to bother my parents with buying. And one more thing I love about Christmas: EGG NOG that is all.
  17. I agree with everything said here... Except with the god and jesus part... But I won't argue...

    I don't know about others, but I know that many kids of my age don't buy their siblings and parents presents. While I understand it is often hard to get others presents when they don't even get any money, and I actually have only started this in the past year or two... But it isn't that hard to make a card, or construct something with your creative juices. It just shows that you care. With that said, of course you can expect something on Christmas, as it is a day of giving, and people will give to you. But like I said on my previous comment, some of these Christmas lists are things I would never think of. But that, I guess depends on the family...

    And Casey... You said, "Today, kids need to realize that the holidays aren't about gifts at all." You're 14... So technically you're a kid. Don't think that you're an adult too soon. That's kind of awkward coming from me because I'm 13... But whatever...

  18. You're links didn't work, sorry, that may just be my idiocy.

    Here are my answers to your complaints:

    - I mention my teacher because otherwise people may ask me things about the book/DVD, where ''I'' got it from, etc. This way everyone understands I didn't buy it, I just borrowed it.
    - I'm 14, I've only been in magic for two years, idiot questions are allowed.
    - I agree I don't own them. That doesn't mean that I haven't borrowed it for MONTHS at a time and PERFORMED it for many different people.
    - Welcome to the internet, nobody gives a rat's ass about your grammar
    - I need an example for that one, I must've forgotten.
  19. btw, I thought casey was like.. 20 something, how's he an admin?!
  20. Because I am. I'm 15 by the way :D

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