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    Yeah, sorry, I'm done. That was kind of fun. I can almost see why trolls would go out putting random trash on the internet... Ranting is a great way to feel better overnight. :D

    In other news, Mehar, I only find it odd you are paying your teacher/tutor $50 an hour when for $50, you could buy a solid book or two. When you've done that, you could just pop on theory11 and post videos and the guys around here can help you just the same as your tutor, minus the fact that they don't know you as well since you're on the internet. I just find it a huge waste of money.

    And Mehar, I have problems in my personal life. Sometimes that "up-tight"ness or whatever transfers to what I say over the internet. Furthermore, from the gist of what you say, you seem to have done a few gigs for money. So technically, you are a professional. Just not an experienced one, if you will. I'm done now. That's all I needed to say, except for this: RK, towtox, Mehar, I'm sorry. I was in a contradictory mood and felt like ranting about every little thing I saw.
  2. that's awesome! i am getting the best present ever this year, (well, aside from Jesus, who is what Christmas is all about) my best friend! she moved a LOOOONG way away, and she is coming back for a day to have a birthday party with all her friends here.

    I'm also really excited about what I'm getting her, i wrote her a little saying, and I'm putting it in a shadow box. (I'm also gonna do a trick where it seems like I can't find her card, then later she finds it in her birthday card.)
  3. praetoritevong - that was a great post with a lot of knowledge that only comes with maturity and experience.

    Overall, this forum is composed of mostly very young people. There are a lot of great, positive things about youth, but the one thing that isn't great is that they don't know they're young and inexperienced. We all have to remember we were like that once too.

    The major problem today is that kids are given too much power early on in life. With the political correctness bs of "no discipline, don't hurt their feelings, treat them like friends" attitude, youths today feel like they're on the same par as adults. An example is the list of items that they expect for Christmas. It's beyond ridiculous the sense of entitlement and expectations. Parents created it and you see it even in the attitudes on the forums; that sense of give me more, give it to me now.

    Fortunately life is a great equalizer and it doesn't pull punches. These boys today will get a rude awakening on how life truly works and it's nothing like how they think it is or how it should be.....not even close.
  4. I hate that too. I mean, I'm 13, my parents disciplined me and I'm WAY better off.
  5. Yeah man I can tell! Your level of humility is so amazing!
  6. I have a teacher because I only use him every month/two and in that time he can help me on the very minor things that I have a problem with. I'm supposed to pay him $50/hr but a lot of the time he stays for like two hours and still only accepts $50. He also lends me books/DVD's which I can hold until he needs them or I'm done with it, which can be a long time. Also, he gives me free stuff, like he gave me a Raven and a 1st ed. black ghost, and some other stuff!

    This way I don't need to buy book/DVD's because he has almost anything imaginable, I learn small things that'll help me during performances, it's $50 for 1-3 hours, and he's coo-el.
  7. Thanks! unless you were being sarcastic.. it's so hard to tell on the internet.:p
  8. Yeah I think he was being sarcastic, him being Unknown and all... :)
  9. HI there. I can teach you the basics of transit. Do you mind trading?
  10. Seriously? You signed up in March, made 3 posts, one about a "Trick Man", which I STILL don't get, and now you're asking people to trade you something for Trasit, which I'm assuming you don't own, because you're saying the "basics"... Ok I guess you're new here... So yeah that's not how it works...
  11. I had a feeling he was.. I mean, but who can blame him, i learned a long time ago that picking on 13 year old kids is the key to success in the magic biz.
  12. Lol... .

  13. See? I can be sarcastic too!:p
  14. I buy at least one new magic book every month so I do NOT plan on getting anything magic. I have 2 boys and my wife to buy for and a new baby on the way, but THIS is what I am getting for myself!
  15. Wow I haven't checked T11 for awhile and its still the same....nothing but agruments. I see Casey is a moderator and congrats Casey! I see Christmas as a time of being with your family and the people you love. I planning to spend this Christmas in Mexico with my family and next year here before I go to College. I'm not involve with Magic anymore but play with my deck about once or twice a week. My parents are going to spend their money on my class ring so I'm not asking for anything for what I'm saying take advantage of christmas and life to enjoy with your family and friends. Like UnknownMagican said magic isn't everything.
  16. Believe me I know magic isn't everything! My girlfriend basically told me to pick out something I want so I told her Metal and my grandmother told me to pick out whatever I want no more than $200 and she will get it (to save her shopping lol) sooooo I am asking her to get legacy thread/trinity system and TKO. The only other thing I am asking for is seriously silly, and that is just going on a list...if I get it I get it if I don't, I don't!

    I do agree, family is always awesome! I will love spending christmas with them :)
  17. I do. If your message wasn't important enough to spell or construct properly, then it's obviously not important enough for me to read it.

    Yo. I'm mostly asking my relatives for some books and more Kurosawa DVDs. Failing that, gift cards for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Best Buy. Some people think gift cards are a cop out. I say that they let a person know that you trust their taste and can let them make decisions for themselves.

    Because magicians are *******s.

    A rich man doesn't need to tell you he's rich.

    I've seen many egomaniacs laid low by college. It's not a pretty sight to see an arrogant person get taken down a peg by their own hubris and short-sightedness.

    I'm uncertain how that paragraph is supposed to corroborate the first sentence.
  18. Steerpike,

    You complete me.

    ^No homo.
  19. Steerpike Sabor and Tokyo bring In Yo Face comments directly to yo Face!

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