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  1. I am not sure if you know about this now, but I got a message from De'vo on myspace.

    "Hello all,
    Recently we opened a brand new U.S. store due to a ton of requests! Cheaper shipping and great prices, plus many more products - a total of about 50 products. A wide variety of playing cards (huge request item), DVDs, clothing, exclusive items and many others at xtremehandz. - http://www.xtremehandz.com

    I also wanted to let you know that we negotiated a limited time deal with Street Magic Magazine #3, in which I teach the basic Cobra Cut . You'll get the magazine + the Cobra DVD (with many advanced Cobras) for $28.95 - which is a steal! But hurry, we will be ending the sale in the near future. There is a Cobra bundle, check it out on the products page.

    Our European store is still going strong, for those who prefer to order from our European store, this is the website: http://www.handlordz.de

    I hope you all enjoy the new U.S. store! We put allot of work into it, as we always listen to our customers. Please contact the store team - handlordzteam@hotmail.com with any questions.

    Thanks for reading,

    Take care all,
    De'vo vom Schattenreich"
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    I thought xtremehandz excisted already for quite a while (?). Nothing new to me, but still nice that guys from US have their own store; I'm completely satisfied with handlordz thou..
  3. XtremeHandz store was only in Germany. Now it is in the US. Not long ago they made a US SuperHandz store also.
  4. well if you want to be specific ... the store used to be in the US ... then i got moved exclussively to Germany and up until a while back they opened a store in the US again.
  5. Lol you should'a did some crazy marketing to get the public in like this site did!

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