You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. ... you actually frame cards on your wall.
    ... "Jerry" doesn't make you think of Seinfeld.
    ... "Devo" doesn't make you think of "Whip It" (De'Whip?).
    ... "Trilogy" doesn't make you think of Star Wars, The Matrix, or Lord of the Rings.
    ... there are 5 different names used for your hobby (although one is obviously more appropriate ;))
    ... ordering studs online doesn't raise an eyebrow (save 5% if you order 3!)
    ... automatically throw out the jokers of your friend's deck by accident (don't forget those box tabs).
    ... your card tricks are named after animals.
    ... you can't stop playing with your "deck," even in public.

    Okay so maybe I'm not the greatest at making these... what do you got? :)
  2. You find yourself charlier cutting two boxes of tic tacs.
  3. lol i have so done that!!!!

    when you do charlier cuts without thinking
  4. i did a charlier cut on 6 moist towelettes from KFC
  5. -You put anything resembling the size or shape of a playing card in tenki without even noticing.

    -You can perform a Monte routine with sugar packets.

    -People wont play cards with you even though you suck at poker.

    -If you cut imaginary decks while you are sleeping. Seriously, ask my ex. She hated it when, even while I was sleeping, my hands were performing charliers on decks of cards that weren't there. It would wake her up and she couldnt go back to sleep...whatever, I slept great.

    -When you watch movies, you don't eat popcorn, you perform charliers. The only way to watch a movie.

    -If you are playing with a deck as you read this post.

    Alright, I think thats it for now. I just got off a 12 hour shift so I think I am going to lie down. I will post more if they pop in my mind and I HAVE to share them with you. Great thread OP, gave me a good needed laugh.

  6. Lol, I was, I just cant help it :D

    Cheers, Tom
  7. When you do card flourishes.
  8. ...when decknique is your favourite site :p
    ... when you spend entire days perfecting a flourish
    ... when you have more boxes of cards than you do friends
    ... when your toilet routine involves cardistry
    ...when people start to notice that you cant leave cards alone, and comment on it.
  9. When. even when your cards arn't out, people know you have them

    When your principal hasn't banned cards form the school basically because of you and your awesomeness

    When you think of tigers, vipers, or ghosts, cards pop into your head.
  10. Hahaha awesome guys, keep it up.
  11. You have a drawer full of coloured, bent, warped and prettymuch worthless paper that you would NEVER throw out. (Dupes etc)

    When people say 'trick' you want to correct them and say 'effect'
  12. Holy crap, how did you know?!? haha.
  13. When you hold a pack of gum in mechanics grip .
  14. - when you get hot, so you do a beautiful fan and actually use it to fan yourself.
    - when your pissed at your friend, so you throw a card at him( and it hits him)
    - when you spin your credit card on your finger before you give it to the cashier
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    HAaha. Great thread, I do almost all of these things.

    When you spend your time in any general store or Wal-mart staring at the cards section.

    When you get nervous and start shaking when you don't have a deck of cards in your hand.

    When bicycle no longer mean a transportation device on 2 wheels to you.

    When you replace your hand-held gaming device with a deck of cards on long trips.

    Telling random people, "don't buy that brand, it's plastic coated, buy these instead (holding bicycles)."

    Using cards to floss your teeth. (C'mon, at least someone here has done it)

    Thinking of Dai Vernon everytime someone says professor.

    Thinking of the Bucks everytime someone says System.

    That's all I got. Great idea by the way.
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    When you're willing to pay five buck for a deck of normal bikes every week because they're EXPENSIVE where you live.

    When you use cards as bookmarks.

    When you're accused of eating cards because you keep a corner in your mouth while reading because it's a bookmark, it gets soggy so you rip it off.
  17. You are so boring!

    .... when you have Decknique cussions in your favorit chair.
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    when you pass by a general store, and see the 99 cent cards they have, and grunt and say "cheap pieces of crap".

    while your mates are discussing the latest tv show, or game out, you ask if they have seen the gaurdian design, or what they think of tectonic verb.

    you have the 3c or decknique or dananddave as your homepage.

    i'll think up some more later
  19. When your mom gets frustrated

    When your friends try to do what you do with cards and fail miserably, ha ha ha
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    Haha, I do all of those but my friends start to get mad at me because it hurts them, haha.

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