You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. When you perform revolution cuts with 2 Iphones :D

    Great Topic
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    when your parents give you money for food and you spend it on cards

    when you do the werm in public to embarrass your friends
  3. When you practice a flourish during a meal, upside down on a carnival ride, or while playing poker or any other game.
    All of this has happened with me in the past few days
  4. If I leave the house to go to work, shopping, whatever I have a deck with me. I can't pass up a chance to practice
  5. Where I work you can get burned and when I do it makes me very angry
  6. Seems legit but they wouldn't know what a packet was
  7. When your deck got less than 52 cards.
  8. -when you have enough decks but you can't seem to stop compulsively buying them...
  9. When your parents yell at you for nicking the ceiling when you shoot a playing card from the deck.

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