You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. when everyone in your school brings in cards and trys to do what you do
  2. When your friends laughs after you tell him that people on YouTube make reviews of playing cards.
  3. ...when you playing with card between two Call Of Duty match.
  4. ... when you play with cards while you're dead IN a Call of Duty match. (I actually like dying now ;))
  5. You guys have a funny view on what an "Artist" is. More to the point, performance artist.
  6. When you mention that their giving out an uncut sheet of cards as a prize and your wife asks if they expect you to cut them out yourself!
  7. The only reason you have plastic cards is so that you can flourish in the shower...
  8. Lmaoooo the wal_mart thing was so trueeeeeeeeee :D
  9. When the one or more of the following nicknames are familiar to you...........

    -card guy
    -card master
    -magic man

    -Come on guys this thread is classic....we cannot let it die!!
  10. -When your friends don't know why you made a video of you playing cards for a minute
    -when you pull out a deck at school and your told to put them away
    - when people say "your not even looking at the cards!" while you flourish
  11. When you are always saving a space for a deck of cards on your bag.
    When you are playing cards while working/at the office. Hehehehehe THis is fun. :)
  12. when the only reason you own a plastic deck is so that you can flourish underwater, when it is raining, and in the shower
  13. when you have performed for an audience of over 200 people for least a minute or over
  14. Thi si really interesting topic. And offers a great ways to communicate.
  15. Hello! Let me get a shot at this one.

    You know you are a card artist when:
    1) You don't handle the card pack like you have Parkinson's disease.
    2) You don't shoot crappy, pointless videos and post them on the Internet.
    3) You don't make an ass of yourself by "performing" in awkward situations.
    4) You have a decent knowledge-base of the craft.
  16. When you Flourish in public people approach you to........

    -ask you to do a magic trick
    -Recommend that you go to Vegas and deal cards
    -Compliment you on your cards skills
  17. This is very funny, I like this thread.

    You know you are a card artist when:
    1. Last thing before and after sleep is not say hello to wife, but do some flourishes.
    2. You watch a new movie, not to see the film, but to practice your new sleights.
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    You know you're a card artist when . . .

    . . . You begin reading you're book and you can't stop but riffling your thumb down the side of the pages
    . . . When your partner says that you have to go and buy cards, you think she/he meant playing cards when they actually meant birthday cards
    . . . When your homepage on your computer is a magic website
    . . . Wherever you go you always have a deck of cards in your hand, to the point that everybody you walk past on the street know your tricks and starts walking further away from you
    . . . When your partner begins hiding your decks just so you can have some "quality" time together

    I will be adding to this list, if/when I come up with more ideas
  19. -When you ask for all things cards
    -When your always tempeted to get out a deck
    -When you never leave the house without cards
    -When you whole life is etched around cards!

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