You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. lol believe it or not ... but me too. I amaze myself everytime i count the cards when i "feel" that there are cards missing and find out that i was acutally right .... When one card is missing, i feel something is weird. When two cards are missing, it becomes SOOO obvious to me that i'm not holding a full deck. Never knew i would develop such ability, but i did .... Never was aware of it until i started sensing when cards are missing ... WEEIIIRRRDDD
  2. My card senses are tingling, lol.
  3. It's even more satisfying when someone gives you a deck to shuffle before a game and you go ... "Dude, that's not even a full deck ..." within seconds of holding it .... :)
  4. I feel like I've found a place where I can this thread ;P

    for girls-
    When you're at a boring dinner party and your playing with the cards in your purse.
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    So true! lol

    -You flourish with the business cards at your haircut place, barber shop, whatever. (I flourish with them when I'm actually getting the haircut... :p)
  6. There's so many responses to this, but I just had to.

    You do flickr (thevirts lil one card flourish) to everything that resembles a card

    You've tried to faro a pack of 3 by 5 cards at school

    You've tried to actually do magic with a pack of 3 by 5 cards

    Your card drawers are more organized than your dresser.

  7. HA! thats me!
  8. You know you're a card artist when somebody in your household sees two decks of identical cards and stacks them on top of each other when they are cleaning. And then you FLIP OUT
  9. Guilty of all of the above. :p

    And most of the other 19 pages.

    I thought of one today: You have so many cards, you don't need toilet paper for the next several years.
  10. When Madonna is no longer a singer.
  11. You have a drawer full of advert cards that you cant bring yourself to throw out...
  12. My sister gave me a good one...

    -You use more liquid soap than you drink fluids in a day.

  13. Got some more........

    -When fitting in to a new crowd is no problem at all.
    -When you do homework and eat dinner with your cards next to you.
    -you get angry when you see TV characters playing with cards.
    -when your veins pop out easily when you point your hand downwards (TRY IT!!!!!!)
    -When annoying people ask if they can show you some boring, old, obvious trick.
  14. When you become OCD about washing your hands.
  15. Great to see all these and be able to relate to most of them (had to read all 20 pages before posting, so I didn't double up :p).

    - When a friend/relative knows your into cards and buys you a cheap plastic Svengali deck as a present and you have to pretend to be excited and grateful.

    Might be more magic than cardistry, but still works :)
  16. -when you ask a spectator to sign a card (hopefully not the centurions) and they respond "What?? You actually want me to write my name on the card????"
    -When you tear up a card during performance and the crowd seems stunned that you actually just ruined a playing card
    -When you entertain yourself on long car rides with a deck (or three) of cards, and portable DVD player, and Dan&Daves trilogy
    -When studying for an exam, you constantly stop, get an idea, and grab a deck of cards, and tinker with them. then you look at the clock and realise its very late and you must make the decision to put off studying or continue to tinker with your cards

    i dont know if these will apply to everyone, but these certainly happen to me alot
  17. Oooh man, I hate this :/

    But it's so true !
  18. I love how specific some of these are and yet so relatable :p
  19. When you spent about 6 hours reading 20 pages of this thread. And you were cracking up the whole time.
    When your arm feels like its about to fall off, but you just keep picking up the deck.

    that's all I got for now.

    These are some of my favorite earlier posts:
    The holy trini..I mean trilogy.
    Now that's just clever!
    Well, Shade anyway. :D Still need to watch Rounders
  20. When you're the only boy in your school who washes hands after going to the bathroom.

    (Thought of by my sister...)

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