You know you're a card artist when...

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. When you do a TG Murphy Deck Flip with your phone no matter what the size or shape is. :)
  2. It does to me. Lol. Especially the last one. :))
  3. You know you're a card artist when a friend manages to not just bend, but fold a fourth of your deck, and still tells you to calm the **** down.
  4. It's so true! All of my original tricks are named after animals, or mythological creatures XD
  5. You know you're a card artist when fellow high schoolers, knowing how much your cards are worth to you, steal some and hold them hostage to get you to show them a magic trick.
    Even if you don't know any.
  6. you know they don't actually care to do that with me anymore since I always have 5+ decks with me :p
  7. when you start doing the tornado cut with your buspass
  8. I tend to do ether fire fly, pandora, or ninja style
  9. and it cuts his arm (true story)
  10. When your Card cabinet, drawer, whatever is the only thing you bother to organize.
  11. -When you flourish in public you say to yourself, "oh yeah I'm a BADASS!!!"
    -When you drop your cards an impressed laymen is happy to pick it up for you.
    -When you can "sense" people staring at you" because you go through it a lot in public when you flourish
    -When you treat your cards the same or better than your phone
    -you cannot do your homework without thinking about cards
    -When you daydream about being Gambit!!

    -If you hurt your hand or fingers you get really angry, even if it just a paper cut........
  12. When you practice with an imaginary deck in public, and people think you're a crazy person talking to himself in sign language :)
  13. You know when your hands are about to sweat from doing to much cardistry.
  14. when your teacher catches you practicing during class it has happend to me over 5 times and one time i was practicing with white centurions and my teacher took them away and never gave them back! i was so mad she probably find out how much they were worth and sold them on ebay or something! that old hag!
  15. when?

    Youre a good card artist when you perform original flawless material and with that give a spectator a moment of magic that will last a lifetime...and if it's good enough it effects there unborn children aswell......
  16. this happened to me once and I grabbed him by the neck and almost strangled him.(They absolut vodkas I aint gonna lose any cards in that deck) it never happened again
  17. I would have wrestled that teacher to the ground. You can take my bikes....but don't you touch my damn centurions!!!!
  18. your absolutley right!!!!! luckly this morning when i was at school i went in to her drawer and found them and im extremley happy!!!!!!! but i still hate that teacher! i needed an excuse to say i hated her lol
  19. omg so true
  20. They gave me a marked deck.

    so so so true.

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