You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. - When you practice one handed cuts/flourishes while reading other peoples post in this thread
    - When interacting with people, you think of how you would approach them as if performing street magic
    - You do flourishes with your phone
    - Your friends ask you what you were doing, you respond 'cards', and they don't question you
    - You get stressed when playing card games and other people shuffle
    - When you hear 'Worm', you think "basic 5 packet display"
  2. When you do charlier cuts with kit-kat bars while waiting in line at 7-11 to pay for them.
  3. When you get a buzz from sniffing a new deck of cards.
  4. +1 'Like' :)
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    -You do the Jones Change routine with any card shaped object.
    -People understand why I don't want them to use my deck of cards for card games.
  6. However, after awhile everyone gets tired of all your cards tricks and hates you.

    -When you do a simple card trick to get a routine going and your friend says that his mom can do a one handed cut and you instantly show him a one handed riffle shuffle and laugh in his face.

    -When you get angry when a magician starts performing rope tricks instead of card tricks.
  7. -When you look and find the 4 aces in the deck, just to put them back in, and find them again in a magical way.
  8. Ahahahaha That's just too true!

    Did that today, it took me 2 hours! Well... The first 30 minutes was me arranging them just so they'd fit. Then categorizing them into which ones I like best to worst. Then sub-organizing them in to which E - T11 - Others. Then playing with them for an hour. Then sub-sub-organizing them into favourite E - favourite t11 - favourite others.
  9. My principal announced in school a while back:
    "Cards are now banned from school. I understand that a few people here play with them recreationally, but the gambling has reached an uncontrollable level, and I can turn a blind eye no longer..."
    at that point, I was going into cardiac arrest (<--- get it? CARDiac arrest? ha. ha. funny.)
    "....with the exception of Mr. Avi Hoffman and his card tricks".
    I know from this experience that I am DEFINITELY a card artist.
  10. -When you stop wearing things on your wrist so that you can do armspreads.

    -When you start writing bible memory verses on your cards so you can memorize them and learn to count cards at the same time.

  11. hahaha thats so cool man.
  12. Awesomesauce.
  13. Win. Epic, freaking, deluxe win.
  14. You know you're a card artist when your encyclopedia is no longer in alphabetical order.
  15. I am sooooo guilty of all of these haha.

    You know you're a card artist when you hum cardistry songs when you practice.
    When all your used decks are warped from being in your pockets all the time.
    If you've already had more than three decks of cards in your pockets at once.
  16. hahahahahaha NAILED IT.
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    Your friends arn't impressed by the idea that despite playing with the deck for close to 30 minutes, all the cards are in the exact same order as when you started
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    Got some more.......

    -When you get goosebumps after watching an epic flourishing video.
    - after you watch a good flourishing video ,you go in your room and practice even harder.
    -when you do one handed cuts under the table in class.
    -If you drop your cards when people are looking at you an unpleasant chill runs down your spine.
    -when getting grounded in your room is no longer a punishment AT ALL!!!!
    -when you laugh at magicians who cannot handle cards like you.
    -when your facebook profile picture has to involve cards
    -when a stranger thinks you are going to become famous.
    -If you flourish in public a lot then you are a celebrety in places you have never even been.
    -When people at school buy you cards for your birthday.
    -when you are the only person in your house who can survive without technology for a long time.

    Thats all I got. Come on guys KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. -When you square up a stack of pringles.
    -When you instantally call the number 1 ace when counting down.
    -When you practice flipack with your phone.
    -When you practice the L cut with the backpanel of your phone.
    -When your beng asked to shuffle a deck you instantally do sybil.
    Guilty of all above.
  20. when you do all of the above

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