You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. -When Tectotonic Verb doesn't remind you of English Class
    -(For all you De'vo fans)(not me) If you can pronounce De'vo's last name
    -When Cards are more addicting to you than drugs or alcohol (they probably are because I just can't put them down)
    -When you hear a song and think " oh that would be good in my flourish video"
  2. Old thread, but:

    - when you create flourishes and give them women's names
  3. When you have to back track your steps to find where you left your deck of cards
  4. When you hesitate to eat pizza because you're afraid your hands will get all greasy and you'll ruin your cards the next time you practice.
  5. When you try to type this reply while still holding a deck of cards in one of your hands
    When you dress according to the color of the deck you feel like going out with
    When you think about cards everytime you're bored
    When you have a deck with you outside even though you know you won't get to use it
    When you rather stay home and practice cards then hang out with your friends
    When you're willing to skip lunch because you might get your hands greasy
    When you start realizing that the more you practice, the better you get
    When you set your mobile's wallpaper with a cardistry related background
    When you go to the bathroom with a deck of cards
    When you wake up the next day feeling sore from card handling
    When you practice day and night all alone
    When you practice just to practice
    When you believe in your cards
    When you have the urge to almost read all the comments before making a post...
  6. When you sit 1 hour in front of the computer reading this thread and never stop laughing
    When you practice Pandora, and after that practice it more.
    When you give the link to this thread to one of your friends and they say that you are guilty of all of these things
    When your brother says "You don't have a future in the cards" - and you say "I can do a trick to make them say something - just watch"
  7. When you wash your hands every 5 minutes so your sweat doesnt warp your deck.
    When you drop a deck a tear forms in your eye.
    When you notice that theres only 456 decks in your drawer rather than 457.
  8. You know your a card artist when you think of posting a thread like this.
  9. when you flourish with everything you can get your hands on
  10. I do that all the time haha
  11. you create your first flourish.
    you keep a deck of cards on you and your not afraid to use it.
  12. -When you always get all the attention on public transportation.
    -When your family members always sigh when you pull out your cards.
    -When you are always the first popular kid in a new school,program or team.
    -When random people that you never seen before ask you if you can do card tricks.
    -When you hear Trilogy you don,t think of Star-wars.
    -When you see a random hot girl you start doing your best flourishes
    -When your family members always tell you "you have enough cards" or "put the cards away"
    -When you get excited when a stranger lets you shuffle a deck of cards.
    -When you play cards you're called a cheater if you win and a fake magician if you loose.
    -When you always have to explain to people you are a cardist not a magician.
    -When you start rolling coins on your fingers when your cards are gone.
    -When you dream of the perfect flourishing video at school.

    BEST THREAD EVER !!!!!!! It feels good to find a group of people I can relate to.
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    -when you hold anything in mechanics grip
    -when you do deck flip on your cellphone
    -when someone told you "You never go out without a deck of cards"
    -when you start looking for v5's, DeckOne, Sentinels etc on Walmart
    -when you always square a pile of paper
    -when you first open your internet browser you look for updates in Magic or Cardistry/Flourishing
    -when you heard your friends saying the secret of a card trick and its wrong, you started to laugh
    -when you got irritated to your friends holding the cards improperly
    -when you use the riffle sound to scare the crap out of your friends (I always do that, it's fun, TRY IT!)
    -when you heard of Andrei and De'Vo debate!

    Let's keep this going!
  14. lol that's hilarious
  15. You know you are an artist when you are hailed as one, without pushing the thought or idea onto a crowd.
  16. When the deck is really skunked and you have to throw them away you SPRING them into the garbage.

    Your girlfriend's father has such an old, warped, crappy deck at his house you think, "what kind of man ARE you?"

    You have a deck in the bathroom so you can be culling and going at the same time.
  17. You know you're a card artist when..............

    -people constantly ask you if you are going to be a dealer in Vegas

    -you get pissed when someone says "Aren't all cards the same??"

    -you explain to people that they're holding the deck in the wrong hand, as it should be held in the non-dominant one

    -you have a deck for games, a deck for flourishing, a deck for magic, and 200 decks for looking at

    -you can cut the deck in 100 different ways but you don't know how to play Go Fish

    -you complain about how the cards are cheap and bridge-sized while playing UNO

    -the only fight you've been in involved playing cards

    -you actually care that the USPCC moved from Cincinnati to Kentucky

    -you know what the USPCC is......
  18. Every single one of these I can relate to. This is the best one so far.
  19. Why thank you very much ;)
  20. When you have to plan how to arrange your playing cards in your room, cause you're getting out of space.

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