You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. lol from Arrested development!!
  2. That one hit home... aha!

    - when "the twins" become dan and dave

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    buying cards almost everyday without noticing it..
    sleeping with your deck beside your wife..hahaha
  4. lol i so do that fall asleep will practicing
  5. Wow... I've done that... more than once... I'M TURNING INTO A MONSTER!!
  6. when your girlfriend sees your cards out and says "oh nevermind I'll come back later" because she KNOWS you're busy
  7. When, while you're playing poker, your friends take the opportunity to use the bathroom, get a drink, etc. when it's your turn to shuffle.

    When you have to take out your license, library card, etc., and have an uncontrollable urge to make it vanish.

    When you critique your friend's deck of cards unlike anyone has ever done before.
  8. When you start to refer to your cards as "My children..."

    When the only women in your life are the 4 Queens.
  9. You will feel excited whenever your hold your deck and play with it nonstop until you feel tired. After recharge for sometime, you might ready to go again. At least that’s how I play my deck.
  10. Whenever you throw away a deck of cards you stop and have a moment of silence for them.

    When you bend a card un-repairably right after you open the deck you look up to the heavens and shout "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

    Coin guys think they're all tough cause they can manipulate 1 or 2 or 3 coins. Try manipulating 52 cards at once, without flashing. (No offense to coin guys)
  11. When your Dad gets pissed when your holding a deck of cards because you have them on you ALL THE TIME.

    Whenever someone says Jerry or Nugget you get excited.

    When ou start explaining to your friends who Dai Vernon, and telling your sister who Dan and Dave Buck are without realizing they don't care.

    When you forget Mercury is even a planet. I'm still not sure.

    When you start to riffle shuffle and false shuffle index cards.
  12. when you actually think of good things to post in this thread XD
  13. When you've seriously getting a tattoo that somehow involves playing cards into the design.
  14. When you dont have a girlfriend. :D
  15. speak for yourself :D
  16. Whenever somebody mentions "The King of Queens" you wonder what that would look like as a playing card, and if it would be gimmicked or not.
  17. When you get bored at work so you start to practice card moves with business cards, and you HAVE to have 52 or it feels like you are cheating.
  18. when you pick up a deck and can tell a cards missing
  19. when your teacher asks for your deck of cards during class...they disappear somehow...

    cards are actually considered weapons at your school because you throw them so much

    all authoritative figures look to blame you first whenever there are cards on the ground

    you have cards in your hand, pocket, backpack, table, floor, and your girlfriends purse all at the same time

    when you do tg murphys deck flip with your cell phone

    when your hand is bigger than someone elses...not necessarily because it actually is, but because your fingers can stretch abnormally far

    when your ripped at least from your elbow down
  20. - If someone has a coin in their hands it will suddently end up rolling down your fingers for no real reason.

    - During your holidays in Germany you were looking nervously at the hands of every male person you saw... Sometimes female because ... Who knows ....

    - You hate playing poker because when you win everybody says that you cheated, and when you lose every body laughs at you because you actually aren't that good with cards.

    - All of your sponges at home are round and mostly red (Only for magicians this one.)

    - You can't remember the last time that you left home without a deck of cards... Was there such a time ?

    - You consider normal objects as "Ordinairy"

    - You're the only person who can have loads of fun with a blank deck

    - You have 59 replies to the question "Whow'd you do that ?"

    - Paying 50 dollars for a deck of jerrys is almost a dream

    - All your friends call you when there are cards on tv.

    - When most people think of the meaning of life, you're thinking whether keeping the jokers is such a good idea or not.

    I might have more later.

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