You know you're a card artist when...

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  1. I don't get the ordinary one?
  2. He's probably referring to the fact that when some magicians are doing a trick they refer to a common object as an "ordinary" object. "I have this ordinary half dollar".

  3. Bah... this isn't "you know you're a magician when..."
  4. Yeah sorry, I did go over the limit of cardistry.

    Oh and yeah, in French when we want to emphesize the fact that an object is normal, we call it "ordinary" (ordinaire)
    Guess it didn't work all that well here ...
  5. When your goal in life is to see De'Vos face

    When people start to call 911 when you're wearing your De'Vo cloak, walking around the neighborhood with a knife and a deck of cards
    (no offense meant towards De'Vo)
  6. guilty of that:(
  7. When you care about your most frequented forum selling up.


  8. - When you have more decks of cards in your room than in a casino.
    - When you've spent more than two hours trying to catch a card in your mouth with hot shot / boomerang / Snap'd cut.
    - When you wash your hands 3 to 5 times more than a regular person
    - You make more passes with a deck of cards than with a girl
    - You spine tingles when you see a normal person do a riffle shuffle and that everybody goes "Whoa, not baaad"
    - Even if you have huge hands, they are always to small
    - Every time you listen to a song you imagine a cardistry video with it
    - You're still going on 5 time a day even though it's not uptated very much anymore
  9. -when you buy 100 cards from costco and fill a bathtub with it and jump in (done it today).

    -when you print your own cards

    - when every gimmick you make evolves a card

    - when you dont go to work and stay home and play with cards

    - when you eat with cards in front of you

    -you stop posting to play with ca-
  10. Somebody mentioned something about not cutting the deck normally anymore.

    How in the world do you cut a deck normally?

    I forgot :(
  11. Can a swing cut be considered normal ?

    On second thought, it wouldn't be on XB if that were the case.
  12. I presume setting the deck down on the table, then picking up half of it and setting it aside, following this up with placing the bottom packet atop it, would be considered a normal cut. Lol.
  13. The real world is so lame :rolleyes:
  14. hahahaha I know isn't it depressing? LMAO

    and i am a victim of all three of these. haha

    this is fun. i should think of some. woo!
  15. When you keep the ad from E orders that displays all their cards and you hang it up like a poster.

    You wonder what coin magic would look like if you were to do it all with cards instead.

    Someone asks for your card, and you pull 52 out and have them pick one.
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    when all relatives or friends know that a deck of cards as a gift will always make you happy.

    when family gives you money to buy your magic dvds for your birthday because you won't give them the sites.

    when any computer you touch instantly has a card related background image

    your cell phone has a card background

    you bought a cheap gunsafe...but not for guns.

    you find yourself manipulating anything and everything when you're bored.

    being told to leave your cards home is the worst thing you can ever be told. and often results in tears.

    even after being told to leave your cards home you find a way to sneak them along

    homework takes twice as long because you get sudden urges to do AT LEAST a charlier (which then ends up being a J5, a couple Sybils, and maybe a Madonna before you start homework again)

    you own more magic DVDs then your family owns cinematic DVDs

    when told to put your cards away you immediately start doing D&D/Greg Irwin hand excersizes

    anything rectangular automatically goes into mechanics grip

    anytime someone says "let me show you a trick" and starts dealing cards into 3 rows of 7 you can't help but chuckle.

    the best smell in the world is a brand new deck of cards.
  17. Hilarious topic, guys! I have some more:

    -when your friends go near your cards, you stand between them and the cards
    -you need three things to watch a movie: drink, food, cards. But most importantly cards.
    -you have seen "Rounders" and "Shade" at least five times each
    -you find yourself searching for hours for one particular song on the net because that's the song you want in your new video
    -your excercise book is full of card-related pictures
    -your friends hate you when you mention the word "cards"
    -if you send a youtube link to a friend, they 99% sure it's a trick or a flourish video
    -if you meet one of your old teacher/friend/relative who you haven't met ages ago, they second question is "I've seen you on youtube. How the hell did you do that??"
    -your wallpaper/msn pic/cell phone wallpaper/ringtone/default myspace picture is related to cards in some way
    -you can't resist doing TG deck flips with a pack of cigarettes
    -you show your friends the different grips using the same pack of cigarettes five minutes later (and they do not care)
    -when you're practising and hear your parents coming, you hide the cards to prevent any possible fighting
    -you are more than upset by a youtube comment like "lmao video editing"
    -you are willing to travel more than 200 km's to buy cards (I've done that)
    -even though your friends do not care at all about cards, they know exactly who Jordan Lapping is
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    Alot of this stuff is true :)

    If I watch a movie on my one, I get something to drink, a pack of cards and maybe later I'll have a snack, because I don't want no salt or anything on my cards.

    I pirouette my cellphone, flourish my credit card into the machine, backpalm my other cards, do packet cuts with about everything :p


    2 new ones:

    - If you have at least one poker card in your wallet
    - You've spent hundred's of dollar's on cards.. (is that a good thing?)
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    - When you keep the jokers and advertising cards, but don't know why.

    - When you say "sorry..." before every mercury.

    - When people you don't know from you school come up to you with a card in their hands and say "Here, I found it in class 206"

    - When there are at least two cards stuck to the ceilings of your school (A five of diamonds and a king of hearts for me)

    - When the only fact of failing the genesis part of a perfect jackson 5 does actually make you think of suicide

    - When you know a least 7 ways of changing a card to another, but only ever use one or two

    - When people gasp in front of a charlier cut you can't help but to say "Impressing... You haven't seen anything yet..." And start laughing eavily...
  20. When a space in your pocket for a deck of cards is more important than a space for your wallet

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