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Your Favorite Color Change?


Jul 13, 2008
This Is my favorite Color Change
Tabled Slap Made Popular by Brian Tudor
AKA Card Flick by Terry LaGerould

The One I enjoy doing more is The Bertram Change
It takes more skill to pull of than others and looks awesome too
I dont see many people performing it.

Not a fan of The one most people use the "shape shifter"?
Hiro Sakai's Duck Change Looks Better when performed correctly

And Why?
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Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
I like, and use extensively in my professional work,

Twirl change... Very elegant, slow change

Flop change... Workhorse colour change, not sophisticated but gets the job done

Erdnase/Houdini change... Obviously, a beautiful change when done right

Ego change... A LOT of applications are possible

Classic change... Can look clunky, when done right though, looks like magic.

Impulse change... I use it in an inversion routine, to reverse the orientation of the card.

Duck change... just looks so clean and 'hands-off'

Bottom steal change... I just love it.

Natural grip Radical change... Again, i just love it. Very versatile move.

Shapeshifter... For a sudden, clean change, I can't think of much better than this, really.

1HTP change... This is a pet move of mine, I love it, it looks like magic... it's lush.

Sep 1, 2007
Winter Change and Duck Change

Ben Earl's Stroke Change is elegant too. But take quite some work to get it down smooth.
Apr 27, 2008
Norway that i think about it, Strike change is pretty inviting. i looked it up and it never really seemed so inviting, but i ran across the problem of after doing an advanced erdnase, people wish to look at the card and feel it, and i couldnt openly have given it out to them without exposing the double.
May 8, 2008
An erdnase done well is amazing, unfortunatly mine doesn't.

Ego or cardini, whatever you call it and a duck change. Both very nice, and look impressive and visual when done well.

I like the look of the strike change although I don't have it.

Jul 21, 2008
I really like The 1HTP Change. Its the change I use most often. The main reason I like it, is because it looks a lot like the Clipshift, so its my substitute, until I pick up Surfaced. After that, I like The Erdnase, Twirl Change, and Ego Change.
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