Your First DVD?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SVillanueva, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. The first Tape I got was ShowOff Vol 1
    first DVD was GenerationX by Brian Tudor
    The ellusionist Videos are embarrassing
    I feel sorry for the guy that bought KAOS
    No disrespect to all you Ellusionist Fans
  2. Witness. 'Nuff said.
  3. Public Transit by Jay Sankey :)

    I love that trick!

  4. Jay Sankey's Sleight-Of-Hand Secrets with Cards was first
    then Michael Ammar's Easy to master card miracles 1-4
  5. Factory Sealed with my boy Justin Miller
  6. Well i got into flourishing before magic so the first dvd i bought was Xtreme Beginners by De'vo

    The first MAGIC dvd i bought was the trilogy
  7. coin bite from E
  8. Strolling hands 1 & 2 by Justin Miller
  9. David Stone's REAL MAGIC dvd

    I love it... the teaching is great... and i use many of the routines
  10. The first DVD I ever watched that was based on magic was the one that came with Jay Noblezada's Self Tying Shoelace. Which reminds me- it's about time to get that baby out again!
  11. I dont remeber the first DVD I got but many, many years ago the very first thing I ever got was. Michael Ammar's - Easy to Master Card Miracles Set
  12. My first DVD was Indecent by Wayne Houchin.
    i stumbled on E and I looked around, not much seemed good at the time but then I saw Indecent and my jaw literally dropped. I was amazed and I was 9 or 10 at the time maybe 11. So when I got it I was like "Aw Hell this is gonna take forever." But eventually I put the effort and time into it and I did it for my parents and THIER jaws dropped!
  13. Mine was Army of 52
  14. Mine was a dvd that came with a magic set that my friend made. But my first one after that was Ed Marlo's "The Cardician" dvd. Seriously.

  15. How to do street magic from ellusionist, half the stuff on there isnt even street magic. I soon learnt I was heading in the wrong direction.
  16. Crah Course 1.
  17. Crash Course 1 was a great DvD I really think CC1 and CC2 are some of E's best work. My first video was Allan Ackerman's Card Control V1 and it has served me well.


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