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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hey, I was about to buy ziplocked (e) when I realized sometimes E stuff isn't really what it looks like in the demos. I remember buying Breach from the site just to be incredibly disappointed. So I've decided to ask first!

    A review, just a word... whatever. Every comment is appreciated!
  2. I bought it and I love it!
  3. Dude. I wrote a review in the REVIEW section. Not being mean, but it is there.
  4. i think its an awesome effect, but you need to be a little careful because you end a little dirty, but its really nothing major
  5. You need a huge ziplock bag.
  6. Can this be done with a bag that isn't ziplockable?
  7. If the bag isn't Ziplockable, then it's not a Ziplock bag...remember that ;)
  8. Yes. (word count)
  9. The trick is SUPER easy and stunning. It is worth the money for sure. However the cleanup isn't the best. If you do it the way he explained in the video you'll be making a new gimmick every time you want to perform it. However he does give you the option to do a bag switch. It is 100% what it looks like. And angles are great (they just can't be below you :p)
  10. Yes you CAN do it with one that doesnt ziplock however you can't do the version where he throws the coin into the bag and have it look good. (you'll see what I mean if you buy it) but it is recommended to get a ziplock bag for the sake of the trick to look good.

  11. This is debatable. I do it with a really small bag that is just a double lock seal. No ziplock bag.
  12. When he posted that I thought he meant no type of seal at all. If it has a seal then OF COURSE you can do it and have it look good! So ya just clarifying.

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